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Designed for ___________.

Designed for the full-timers, the weekenders, and the day trippers.

Whatever your rig, it’s about a thirst to get away and the belief that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort when you get there. We make your perfect days possible — whether that means cold lagers all the way down the Baja or a hot breakfast before first chair. We keep you cool or warm, keep your food fresh for days, and make all your magical moments cozier. So, whether you’re in a fifth-wheel, a van or a hatchback, tacking on a few extra days — or weeks — is always an option.

vanlife freedom with dometic unloading surfboards at beach

Hit the road to freedom

Vanlifers sums up the nomad way of life into one word – freedom. Hitting the road is about the travel itself more than reaching a destination. You can start small by escaping the city over a weekend getaway or stay away longer, road-tripping continents while working remotely. No matter what route you take, the world is out there for you to explore.

Every van tells a story

With Dometic you can customize your campervan with hundreds of products. Get creative and let your van express your personality, style and hobbies – our broad portfolio of free-standing or integrated solutions can support most DIY ideas, making your campervan as functional as Instagram friendly.

Healthy eating isn't that hard

You may be standing on a parking lot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal using local ingredients. Keep your drinks cool and stay well-fed with our range of powered coolers. There is no problem preparing a fresh salad or caprese but take it easy on the wine if you plan to drive the next day.

Expand your living space

Portable camping furniture is a game-changer for anyone who loves to live life on the road. With the right setup, you can increase your living space and transform your outdoor environment into a cozy oasis. You can easily welcome unexpected guests or visiting friends and family, creating new possibilities for adventure, and making memories that last a lifetime.

Vanlife Stay organized. Go organized.

Stay organized. Go organized.

Dometic storage cleverly combines waterproof, dustproof Hard Storage with customizable Soft Storage. The Soft Storage units can easily be swapped in and out, allowing you to pack and organize your gear in advance for a hassle-free, long-term solution for living life on the road. 

Stay organized

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Living more with less

When you stop focusing on fitting in to society, social status and having all the right stuff, you start to enjoy places you visit, views from your window and a good nights sleep. Add to that the people you meet and deeper talks and you will have a more interesting story to tell. See what these vanlifers think about mobile living.

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