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The ultimate portable fridge/freezers

Experience the CFX3 Series

The power to be present

With the Dometic CFX3, you have control of your outdoor experiences like never before. On-road and off-road, in the backyard and on the water, your ordinary and extraordinary adventures will be fueled by fresher, safer food, less waste and more confidence, giving you the power to be present in any moment.

Stay longer, experience more

Using our most advanced cooling technology, the Dometic CFX3 freezes down to –22 °C / –7 °F while using less power than a 60 W lightbulb. Connect to the 12V/24V DC outlet in your vehicle to roam free without worry. And relax knowing your cooler will never leave you stranded – the CFX3 actively monitors battery power and turns itself off when low voltage is detected.

Built for the outdoors

The Dometic CFX3’s rugged construction features a reinforced ExoFrame, stainless steel hinges and aluminum handles. Tested in the extreme heat of the Australian desert, it’s designed to perform in harsh environments. With soft touch controls, an intuitive high-resolution display and even a mobile app to download – the CFX3 couldn’t be easier to control.


CFX3 Stories

When we have the tools to live in the present, we can be more aware, develop deeper connections with others, the world around us, and ultimately ourselves. These are stories of the people doing just that thanks to the Dometic CFX3 and #ThePowerToBePresent.

powered cooler at the beach with friends on wave runners
Getting beverage out of Electric Cooler on patio with friends

Pack more into your adventure

Designed for maximised internal capacity you can be away for longer. A rearrangeable wire basket and divider ensure organised storage. You don’t need to worry about space-consuming ice. As long as you have access to a power source, the CFX’s powerful cooling will reliably freeze food, allowing you to stay longer and experience more.

Don't stop for ice, make it yourself

The Dometic CFX3 55IM is the world’s first powered cooler with its own integrated ice-making compartment. Don’t stop for ice, make it yourself thanks to the rapid freeze plate that enables you to freeze an ice tray in just hours, without compromising the temperature elsewhere in the fridge/freezer.

Control from your fingertips

We’ve enhanced our CFX3 app for even greater confidence. Connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to monitor and adjust the temperature of your CFX3, track energy consumption and receive smart alerts if you happen to leave the lid open. Enjoy peace of mind while your food stays fresh and drinks cold so you can go and explore.


Years of innovation so you can be present now

The Dometic CFX3 is the most impressive portable refrigerator we’ve ever made. The result of over 50 years’ expertise in cooling system design and manufacturing. With feedback from our ambassadors and customers, we’ve narrowed down the search for the perfect fit by selecting our most popular sizes and upgrading one of our most popular models.

A CFX3 cooler for every need

The CFX3 series ranges from small electric portable fridges/freezers, starting with the smallest CFX3 25 with a capacity of 25 litres. Going all the way up to our largest portable fridge/freezer CFX3 95DZ with a 94 litre capacity, enough to fit 133 cans of beverage. Whatever your needs and requirements for a portable fridge/freezer are, Dometic are sure to have a product that fits your demands.

Additionally CFX3 also offer portable fridges/freezers that have dual cooling zones CFX3 75DZ and 95DZ that allows you to set different temperature in two departments, enables both cooling and freezing at the same time. If that wasnt enough, CFX3 55IM allows you to make ice cubes in a couple of hours, while at the same time not changing the temperature in the portable fridge/freezer.

CFX3 Area of usage

The Dometic CFX3 series is designed to excel in a wide range of applications, making it the perfect companion for various outdoor adventures. From camping trips to beach outings and everything in between, the CFX3 is engineered to meet your refrigeration needs wherever you go.

Camping: Experience the convenience of a portable fridge/freezer that keeps your food fresh and your beverages cold throughout your camping excursions. Say goodbye to soggy food and the hassle of constantly replenishing ice.

Boating: Whether you're on a yacht or a fishing boat, the CFX3 is a reliable choice for keeping your catch fresh and your drinks chilled. Its durable construction and ability to withstand marine conditions make it a trusted companion on the water.

Adventures: From off-roading to hiking and exploring remote locations, the CFX3 is designed to thrive in rugged environments. Its robust performance and ability to maintain temperatures even in extreme conditions make it an ideal choice for adventurous souls.

CFX3 on the Road: Enhance Your Vanlife and Overlanding Adventures

With its exceptional durability and efficiency, the CFX3 is designed to elevate your vanlife and overlanding experiences to new heights. The CFX3 is specifically engineered to provide reliable cooling wherever your travels take you. Whether you're cruising down scenic coastal highways, conquering rugged mountain passes, or embarking on a remote off-road expedition, the CFX3 ensures your food and beverages remain fresh and chilled throughout your journey.

Overlanding and off-road adventures often entail rough terrains, unpredictable weather conditions, and constant vibrations. That's why the CFX3 is built with exceptional durability in mind.

CFX3: Exceptional Durability and Efficiency for Your Outdoor Adventures

Designed with portability in mind, the CFX3 series is rugged, lightweight, and built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Its convenient features include sturdy handles, removable baskets, and advanced control systems, ensuring effortless operation and easy access to your provisions.

Experience the freedom of a truly mobile refrigeration solution with the Dometic CFX3 series. From keeping your drinks ice-cold at the campsite to preserving perishable food items during extended journeys, the CFX3 is the ultimate companion for your outdoor lifestyle.