Dometic GO

Everything for a Day Outdoors - Made to fit the Back of your Car

Say Hello to Effortless Outdoors

We all want to spend more time outdoors.​ What if getting there was as easy as a split-second decision? ​
Designed with outdoor adventures in mind, Dometic GO equips you to get out faster, stay out more comfortably, and embrace the outdoors with family and friends. ​​With lightweight, resilient gear designed to fit seamlessly into the back of your car, Dometic GO makes getting on the road and getting outdoors effortless. Get going, and get exploring, with Dometic GO. ​ 

Designed to pack, stack and GO

Easy to store, transport and use, Dometic GO makes grabbing your outdoor gear simple.

The Dometic GO Collection

With everything you need to get outside - versatile seating and dining; ample storage and organization options; and a unique water supply system - Dometic GO lets you make the most of your time outdoors.

The GO Anywhere Camping Furniture

When it comes to camping, space matters. Make the most of yours with our versatile Table that adjusts to three different heights, and sit back and relax in our comfortable and communal seating options with the Compact Camp Chair and the Compact Camp Bench.


"We absolutely love the table and bench. They are easy to unpack and repack and take up very little room in our van!"


24/7 Gear Protection

Make getting out of town and into the outdoors easy with our portable storage options. Choose from Hard Storage and Portable Soft Storage that makes it simple to bring along all of your essential gear. The Insulated Insert also turns your Portable Soft Storage into a soft-sided cooler in seconds, just add ice.


"I love the soft storage and the hard storage! On long road trips, my car becomes a giant pit of doom and despair, as gear is taken out. I’m looking forward to keeping things organized."


A Car full of Memories

Get going, get exploring and embrace the freedom of the outdoors with family and friends.

The simple, safe water supply for your outdoor needs

Water is one essential you need on every adventure, even the shortest ones. Until now you've had few options that let you store and carry water conveniently. Our Hydration Water Jugs are your solution, with volume-maximizing design in a small footprint to supply the H2O you need.


"I’m really excited about the hydration jug + tap. In vanlife, conserving water is essential since we don't have an unlimited supply flowing from our tap. And my German Shepherd pup, Amara, loves to drink straight from the tap."

@irietoaurora; @diversify.vanlife

Fresh meals on the GO

Whether you’re planning to get away for a few hours or for an overnight stay, a reliable portable fridge/freezer or ice box will ensure you can enjoy fresh and healthy meals on the go. We offer electric fridge/freezers, in thermoelecric or compressor options, and ice boxes which are non-powered coolers with extremely effective insulation. Power your portable fridge/freezer or charge your mobile devices with our PLB40 portable battery.