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Everyone needs an exit strategy

Everyone needs an exit strategy

Come join us – citizens of a borderless nation, who prize freedom over conformity, community over competition.   There’s a parallel world out there, a roaming tribe of adventurers immersed in nature, doing what they love, spending time with those they love – you can too! Dometic offers an easy, stress-free passport into this world. Think of us as your outdoor adventure support crew. We cover the practicalities. Your only focus is immersion in the moment.

Get out there. 

The ultimate portable fridge/freezer

Built for adventure

The Dometic CFX3 portable fridge/freezer is a seriously impressive powered cooler that's convenient to use, rugged enough for just about every adventure, and designed to keep things cool and fresh under nearly any circumstance.

Best-in-class insulation

Venture further, stay fresher

Whatever your adventure, there’s an icebox to match, a durable icebox with best-in-class insulation. Maybe it’s an ice-cold beverage at the end of a surfing session. A hearty sandwich made with all your favorite fixings after a day of fishing on the boat. Everything you need for a meal cooked by the campfire. Dometic Icebox makes it all possible. It’s the linchpin of every adventure, whether big or small.

Stay Refreshed Anywhere

Adventure-ready hydration

Take your beverages on the go with confidence, thanks to durable Dometic drinkware. Engineered for the demands of an active lifestyle, these rugged companions are built to withstand the challenges of your everyday adventures. Whether you're hiking, camping, or simply navigating your daily routine, our drinkware is up to the task, ensuring you stay refreshed wherever life takes you.

get out there

get out there