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Introducing the new FreshJet 7 series

Introducing the new FreshJet RV air conditioner series. Featuring a streamlined design throughout the range, combined with superior cooling performance, optimised airflow, and the quietest operation yet. The Series 7 features the next generation of Dometic’s leading inverter technology, delivering the quietest and smoothest operation, perfect for off-grid applications.

Each model is designed to be compact and have a minimal footprint so you can utilise valuable rooftop real estate for solar panels and other needs. CleanAir ensures circulating air is fresh and clean thanks to the built-in air purification system. The new air distribution box (ADB) gives you complete control over the system, along with remote and full Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, cooling and heating is only a touch of a button away.

Dometic FreshJet RV

Air Conditioner Series 7

Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Pro
ADB Sold Separately

Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Pro

Roof air conditioner, 2900 W, electronic inverter compressor

Out of stock
Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Plus
ADB Sold Separately

Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Plus

Roof air conditioner, 3400 W, electronic inverter compressor

Out of stock
Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Lite
ADB Sold Separately

Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Lite

Roof air conditioner, 2600 W, electronic inverter compressor

Out of stock
Dometic FreshJet ADB

Dometic FreshJet ADB

Air distribution box, electronic controls, LED light

Out of stock

Why is the FreshJet 7 Series our best generation of RV Air Conditioners?

Reduced noise

Quieter than other roof air conditioners available in the market

CleanAir purifier system

Keeps your RV smelling fresh and clean

Superior energy efficiency

Reduced power consumption and optimized AirFlow

Smart connecitvity

Remote Control with Dometic smartphone app

Superior cooling performance

The cabin is cooled down in record time

Touch control

Air distribution box with touch-control and LED lighting


Have you got keys to one of these?

FreshJet 7 Lite

FreshJet 7 Pro

FreshJet 7 Plus

Cool down and relax

Invest in your comfort and rest. The FreshJet 7 Series simplifies the way you cool your RV. Easily set the temperature and fan speed with a touch of a button on the Air Distribution Box to welcome refreshing air. Our custom blower system quietly moves 475 cubic meters of cool air per minute, enabling quick cooling in hot ambient temperatures.

Sleep soundly

The quality of the time you spend with loved ones and the outdoors should never be affected by something you can control like the interior climate of your RV. Adventure filled days out and about in nature require a good night’s sleep. It’s easy to enjoy your time in the the elements when you know you have a cool and quiet RV to retreat to and rest up for tomorrow’s adventure. A good night’s sleep is waiting for you with the Dometic Freshjet Series.


Our new air purification system uses advanced bipolar ionizer technology to keep your RV smelling fresh and clean while greatly reducing allergens, viruses, bacteria and pollutants. Ionizers purify air through several methods.

First, they create positive and negative ions to help reduce pathogens, odors, and mold. Bacteria and virus cells are robbed of their life-sustaining hydrogen, reducing their number. Secondly, odors are reduced when they oxidize on contact with the charged ions. Last but not least, the positive and negative ions attach to the particles in the air. Their attractive forces make the particles big­ger. This in turn allows the standard dust filter of your air conditioning system to remove more particles from the air.