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Your home away from home. The comforts of home wherever you stay.

Experience the outdoors like never before with high-quality gear that elevates every moment. Don't let weather or wildlife stand in your way – with gear that lasts, performs, and protects, you can conquer any challenge and explore with confidence. Focus on the real reason you're outdoors and enjoy time with family and friends with peace of mind. This is the home of adventurers – join us.

NRX Fridges

Fresh design, superior energy efficiency

Breath of Fresh Air

The FreshJet 7 is smaller and lighter than ever – making it very easy to install. Featuring a modern, sleek design, it takes up less space and looks better than ever.

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Dometic Service Centre

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Caravan Service Simplified

Dometic Service offers a range of hassle-free services for your convenience. With our team of experienced and certified technicians, we guarantee efficient diagnosis and repair of your caravan, ensuring you can hit the road with complete confidence. Dometic Service can now help you with your off-grid requirements we have a range of Enerdrive products allowing us to customise options to suit your every need.