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Trim Tabs

Trim control at your fingertips


Complete control at the touch of a dial

Dometic Marine's new SeaStar Trim Tabs are designed to make trim tab adjustment second nature to operators of all types of boats. The heart of this trim tab system is an intuitive dial controller that lets boaters easily "dial in" the optimal ride for any situation. All the operator needs to do is turn the dial in the desired direction to level the boat, and the electric actuators respond quickly and precisely to level the ride. Easy-to-see LED lights on the controller indicate port and starboard tab positions, with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness for optimal visibility in any environment.

Dometic Trim Tabs

Why trim tabs?

  • Increase fuel efficiency by adjusting your ride to the optimal running angle

  • Improve comfort by adjusting running angle based on weather conditions

  • Increased safety based on sea state

  • Increase visibility by adjusting the bow down

  • Navigate your boat handling like a professional, no matter the conditions

3 types

Dometic Trim Tabs come in three variations. Our Standard, Adaptive, and Optimus Adaptive systems offer different levels of integration based on the current components of your vessel.


Trim adjusted with intuitive dial control


Electronic control and MFD integration


Joystick steering, electronic control & MFD integration


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