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Enjoy the independence of a Dometic sine wave inverter. Our premium range of inverters automatically adjust DC power sources to deliver 230 V AC to your electronic devices, removing the stress of finding access to mains power. Inverters with pure sine wave voltage are ideal for powering sensitive electronic devices. While an energy saving standby mode or mains priority circuit will ensure safe and efficient use of the vehicle’s battery.

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Dometic Inverters

Inverters are a necessary accessory for long-haul truckers, RVers, campers, and others who need AC power while away from home. They will provide limited AC to power laptops, cookware, televisions, and other electrical devices. Most can be recharged by hooking them to a vehicular battery. For long-haul truckers, that can provide continuous power while on the go, and for campers who only need sporadic power, they can be quite useful too.

For a good night's sleep

There are many reasons an inverter is a good investment. A truck inverter for drivers who suffer from sleep apnea, for example, could power their CPAP for restful sleep. The same holds true for campers who use an RV power inverter. Batteries can be lost, but a fully charged inverter can power a radio for weather reports, traffic announcements, and disaster updates if applicable.

How to choose the right inverter?

The most important criterion for choosing an inverter is the wattage it produces. It is always better to have too much than too little. A good rule of thumb is to total all wattages of the items the user wishes to power, and then add 100-150 additional watts to that amount. In this way, you cover most contingencies.

Why choose Dometic?

Dometic is already over 100 years old, and each pure sine wave inverter the company produces is fashioned from only superior-quality components and with the most exacting specifications and workmanship. Whether you need an RV inverter, truck inverter, or other sine wave inverter, Dometic is proud to provide it. The company's expertise is legendary, and no less a luminary than Albert Einstein remarked about the genius behind their products.

Compatibility with other Dometic products

Dometic is well-known in more than 100 countries worldwide. Their commitment to both green and sustainable materials and practices puts them squarely at the forefront of the industry. Dometic also makes small refrigerators for the RV, the truck, or the campground, and a good, strong inverter is just the perfect choice to power them. In fact, Dometic's parallel engineering makes it easy and hassle-free to use other of its products along with its inverters.

What sets each Dometric inverter apart?

First, their continuous power output of 230 volts makes them standard in the European Union. Their ease of use and convenient clip-on installation are big positives as well. Their fans are quite quiet, and they reset quickly from any overload. They're also designed to work well with cars that comply with European emissions standards. Finally, they look snazzy and have an intuitive user interface.

Travel the whole world with Dometic

Dometic's products will also work in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In these countries, however, the user will need a step-down transformer to convert the voltage from 230 to 110. Fortunately, Dometic also manufactures these accessories so that everyone can use an inverter in whichever country is applicable. Users should take care, however, to match the output to their inverter wattage to avoid overloading either the inverter or the transformer. These transformers are as equally user-friendly as each inverter.

Mobile living made easy

In short, Dometic provides customers with exactly the needed tools and accessories to maintain reliable electric power in their vehicles and at their campsites. They even come in handy during power outages. Each user can feel at ease that the company takes steps not only to be as green and sustainable as possible but also to adhere to the highest standards of workplace fair play and ethics.