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BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle

Dometic introduces led warning triangle for Australian road safety


BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle

Dometic recently introduced the award-winning BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle to the Australian market.


Designed by Welsh-based road safety innovation company, Road Safety Designs, the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle aims to help prevent road-side accidents.

Dometic APAC Vice President Brad Slater is excited to add another high-quality product to their safety range that is applicable to all road-users, especially commercial vehicles and larger motorhomes and caravans.

“It made sense to introduce the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle to the whole mobile living industry in Australia and further promote road safety to our customers and consumers,” said Mr Slater.

Road Safety Designs' Managing Director, Steve Wornham is delighted to be working in partnership with Dometic, who are now the sole distributor of the award-winning BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle in Australia. He is passionate about the product and founded the company based on a very close-call road-side incident.

“The BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle was born out of a near fatal accident when I narrowly avoided hitting a young man who was in the road, changing his tyre, at night. Since then, I have made it my mission to create products that prevent this or worse from happening to other people,” said Mr Wornham.

“We’ve spent the last couple of years working with road safety experts in the UK and Australia, and now have a product that significantly improves road safety for all vehicle users.

“When we met Dometic’s Vice President of the Asia Pacific region on a trade visit to Sydney earlier this year, we instantly saw the potential for BriteAngle to become a must-have road safety accessory for anyone, especially those travelling in the outback."

The LED Warning Triangle can be freestanding or mountable, so caravan enthusiasts can attach it onto the back of their caravan or RV, or it can be erected on the side of the road with the in-built stand.

The LED light on the warning triangle is strong enough to be seen up to 300 metres away – giving approaching traffic plenty of warning to slow down and be aware of the stopped vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Flashing high-intensity LEDs to alert motorists
  • Visible from up to 300 m, day or night depending on weather conditions
  • Stable in winds of up to 72 km/h
  • Compact foldable design easy storage when not in use
  • Quick assembly
  • Designed to be placed directly behind or on the back of a stationary vehicle

Product Awards:

  • Fleet Safety Product of the Year - Brake Fleet Safety Awards 2019
  • Export Business of the Year - Welsh SME Business Awards 2019
  • Best in Car Product of the Year - First Car Awards 2018 (Highly Commended)
  • Best in Car Product of the Year - First Car Awards 2019 (Highly Commended)
  • Best Accessory - Practical Caravan Tourer of the Year Awards 2019 (Highly Commended)

About Road Safety Designs/BriteAngle

Road Safety Designs are a British road safety innovation company dedicated to making the world’s road users safe through our high-quality products and services. They keep people safe by providing the tools all road users need in the event of an unplanned stoppage, breakdown or other roadside occurrence. They design, manufacture and test all their products in the UK for quality assurance. The company hopes people never have to use their products, but in the eventuality that they do, Road Safety Designs ensure that everyone’s safety, the safety of loved ones and any other road users, is as high as possible.

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