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  • Dometic introduces new marine roller blind platform with innovative locking control mechanism
Dometic introduces new marine roller blind platform with innovative locking control mechanism

Dometic introduces new marine roller blind platform with innovative locking control mechanism

Dometic have launched their latest roller blind platform designed specifically for use onboard marine craft, the Dometic Oceanair PrecisionRise. The new PrecisionRise system features a unique control mechanism allowing users to easily set and secure the blind at any given height without the use of any cords.

  Rollerblind PrecisionRise  
  Rollerblind PrecisionRise  

The new PrecisionRise roller blind system is set to further enhance the onboard boating experience, allowing users to easily control light, UV and their privacy all through a simple and secure control system that allows them to position the blind at any given height, without the need for any visible cords or intrusive control cables.

This advanced customisable blind comes in a variety of hardware colors, fabrics and hem bar options, allowing for a variety of configurations to match new customer requirements along with the ability to naturally integrate the newly introduced system into almost any existing interiors.

The PrecisionRise roller blind is available with a brack¬et, mounting profile bar or cassette all allowing for a quick and simple installation. Alongside this, the blind is also available free hanging, with guide wires, or with sidetracks depending on your preferred look and application.

During its development, the new locking mechanism was tried, tested and adapted to withstand movement out at sea and resist any environmental changes that may cause components to expand or contract, which could then affect the positioned height of the blind.

Eric Fetchko, President of the Marine Segment at Dometic commented “I am pleased we have extended our roller blind product offering with this innovative, versatile platform and brought further benefits to both boat builders and boat owners.

At Dometic we are constantly looking to further develop and improve our products and the launch of the new PrecisionRise is the perfect example of this. The new mechanism offers the ideal solution when wanting to adjust the onboard shade and privacy, creating true comfort at sea for the user.”

The PrecisionRise is now available to order via Dometic sales representatives and local distributors.

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