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Dometic Strengthens IOT Capability with Telenor Connexion

Dometic Strengthens IOT Capability with Telenor Connexion


Dometic Strengthens IOT Capability with Telenor Connexion

Mobile Living expert, Dometic, has signed a contract with leading IoT (Internet of Things) service provider Telenor Connexion to reinforce its device connection and control solution, Dometic Interact. With the cloud based IoT platform, Dometic secures instant roaming access to 200+ leading mobile networks globally, thus the company can offer an advanced and seamless control capability across its broad portfolio around the world.

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Dometic is an industry group with several customer segments and applications with dedicated solutions for each of them. As with any consumer electronics, connectivity has become an important aspect for a modern product in our industry. Dometic’s device connection and control platform Dometic Interact currently connects to a wide range of products designed for a vehicle or a vessel. 

With the new service, Dometic’s customers get instant roaming access to more than 200 of the leading mobile networks in the world. 

Anton Lundqvist, Chief Technology Officer at Dometic says, “With this collaboration, we can offer seamless connectivity across customer segments and product areas. One solution can now connect different types of devices for different applications. Supported by the cloud storage, the Dometic Interact can manage large user data and is ready for easier software updates. 

“This is an important step towards true digital product presence for Dometic and will open up an array of future possibilities for us.”

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Any connected product or application in the Dometic Interact ecosystem will be able to communicate via the service. The link to Dometic’s digital assets and 3rd party IoT solutions open up for multiple opportunities in added customer value, increasing brand loyalty and helping Dometic’s business sectors to grow.

The first release of the new IoT services will start Q2 2020 in EMEA region.

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Dometic is a global market leader in the mobile living industry. Millions of people around the world use Dometic products in outdoor, residential, and professional applications. Our motivation is to create smart, sustainable, and reliable products with outstanding design for an outdoor and mobile lifestyle in the areas of Food & Beverage, Climate, Power & Control, and Other Applications. Dometic employs approximately 8,000 people worldwide, had net sales of SEK 27.8 billion (USD 2.6 billion) in 2023 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.