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Dometic CoolPower RAPS44

Battery pack

This is a portable heavy duty 12 V battery that is the ideal choice for running a portable compressor fridge or freezer for long periods of time. It has superior discharge and charging cycle capability with 44 amp hours.

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Don't limit yourself

Don't limit yourself

Battery packs are a great portable power source when going away on short camping trips. The Dometic RAPS44 is a heavy duty 12 V battery that has discharge and charging cycle capabilities. Not only does it have the benefits of a dual battery system that is often fitted in your 4WD or boat. It also has the added value of being extremely convenient and flexible as it's portable. Thus, you can take your battery pack with you anywhere or you can fit it permanently into your vehicle. The RAPS44 is ideal for running portable compressor fridge or freezers for a long period of time.

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