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Keep your batteries fully charged and ready for any adventure with our reliable battery chargers. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, our chargers ensure your gear stays operative whether you’re on the road, off the grid or exploring the wilderness. Trust in our high-quality chargers to deliver efficient and consistent charging for all your battery needs.

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    Dometic Perfectcharge MCA1215

    Dometic Perfectcharge MCA1215

    Battery charger

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    Benefits of Dometic Charging Systems

    It can happen anywhere: You accidentally forgot to turn off your headlights overnight, and now that you want to continue your trip your vehicle just won’t start. A battery charger therefore is one of the essential vehicle accessories you should not miss out on. In addition Dometic charging systems provide a reliable source of power for various devices. This way you can get power regardless of the facilities at the campground, truck stop or other location.

    Upgrading your current charging system

    Your vehicle already has a built-in battery charging system? There still is plenty of reason for you to consider an upgrade or investing in an alternate charger. While more recent battery chargers have improved quite a bit, older models could even damage the battery over time by continuously overcharging it. If you neglect the health of your battery, it may suddenly give up on you which is not only quite frustrating but also expensive, as you would most-likely have to buy a new one. Just as bad as the older models are modern but already worn out charging systems because they can leave you with an undercharged battery. Avoid the risk of running out of power with Dometic quality battery chargers.

    Charging system options

    Battery charging systems are important additions to any truck, RV or other vehicle. Dometic offers different models that are useful for specific purposes. Our PerfectPower charging converters ensure that your leisure battery is optimally charged during the drive and are highly recommendable for vehicles with smart alternators. Dometic premium inverters with combined battery chargers use battery power to compensate limited mains power or, if not needed, again charge your vehicle battery. With their latest multi-stage charging technology our PerfectCharge models are suitable for charging modern start-stop batteries. Go for the optional wall bracket to keep the charger ready to hand.

    Select the right battery charger

    There are many factors that could determine the final purchase decision. It’s always critical to check the amperage required to run the devices you plan to use before making a purchase decision. This is especially true when dealing with sensitive devices that require stable power to function. If the current fluctuates with peaks, it could damage certain types of equipment. If you’re not sure about which product is appropriate for your needs, consult with a specialist at Dometic to determine the correct charger for your specific requirements.

    Accessories to keep your battery in good condition

    As mentioned before, a high-quality battery charging system is critical for keeping your vehicle battery in good shape. In addition Dometic offers further useful gadgets which are designed to take care of batteries that are used in seasonal vehicles like vintage cars and motorhomes. The Dometic battery conditioner for example helps to maintain your batteries full capacity by gently simulating the act of driving. It can even be used as a charger or back-up power supply as well.

    Why buy from Dometic?

    Dometic is the leading manufacturer for all devices that enhance mobile living. We offer the highest quality products without sacrificing the ethics and standards that made our company great. We are proud to be a world-leading brand that promotes fair business and labor practices across all its divisions.