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Dometic PerfectView CAM 45

Colour Camera, silver, PAL

This camera is specifically designed to improve the safety of you and other road users. Easy to install, drivers can reverse with confidence and precision thanks to the 120˚ diagonal viewing angle and integrated microphone.

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Compact camera
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Compact camera

Small sized camera with closed housing for nearly invisible guidance of cable

All day and night

All day and night

You can rely on the Dometic PerfectView CAM 45. Whether it's the night time vision thanks to infrared LEDs or the heater that ensures top performance in cold climates, this camera is built to serve in all conditions. The cable has been designed to be almost invisible, while the handy microphone catches any sounds in its vicinity. Normal and mirrored view options enable drivers to use the most comfortable and useful view available.

Designing night vision powers

Designing night vision powers

If you look at certain Dometic cameras, you'll notice LEDs surrounding the lens. These LEDs transmit a light that is invisible to the human eye: infrared light. There are other ways to create night vision, but the beauty of infrared is its ability to capture footage at high speed and its eliminating of variables in ambient light. Most night vision cameras apply a monochrome filter because black and white are the easiest colours for the human eye to differentiate. It certainly makes a handy tool for driving in the dark!

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