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Dometic Dust Reduction System

Dust reduction system for caravans

Through its smart design, the Dometic Dust Reduction System 2.0 (DRS2) minimises the amount of dust, harmful airborne particles and pollens that can enter your caravan and remain suspended in the air for an extended time after stopping. Building upon the extensive performance testing in Australia’s dusty country, the second-generation DRS has been further fine-tuned and optimised to achieve improved waterproofness and airflow, all designed to cut down the dust so there is less cleaning when you arrive. The unit is fitted to the roof of the caravan and operates while the vehicle is in motion. Best of all there are no motors or electrical parts so there’s no need for power. The easiest way to arrive at your destination with a clean caravan is preventing dust from entering.

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Product Highlights

Patented design
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Patented design

Clever system that manages the airflow distribution when driving or stationary

Stylish airflow grille
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Stylish airflow grille

The grille allows airflow through the unit and prevents debris from entering the vehicle

Modern design
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Modern design

Modern rooftop unit with a low profile and lightweight design

Easy to use
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Easy to use

Changing the air filter is simple thanks to the ceiling cover that is easy to open and close

Versatile installation
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Versatile installation

Simple and clean design that can be installed in a range of rooftop openings from 290 x 290 to 400 x 400 mm

Replaceable air filters
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Replaceable air filters

Additional air filters sold separately and can be changed in a matter of seconds

Significantly reduces the amount of dust, harmful airborne particles and pollens entering the caravan

Filters out dust particles with a PM10 filter

Dust filters can be easily replaced from inside the caravan

Reduces cleaning time after caravan trip

Non-powered operation requires no opening or closing of vents

Fits roof openings between 290 x 290 mm and 400 x 400 mm and roof thicknesses between 30 mm and 65 mm

Low profile rooftop unit is extremely lightweight at approximately 5 kg

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Dust reduction system for caravans

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Dometic DRS 2 - Installation and Operating Manual APAC(en) for AUS+NZ

Installation and Operating Manual

Reduce dust entry

Reduce dust entry

The Dust Reduction System (DRS) will dramatically reduce the amount of dust entering the caravan and begins working automatically when the vehicle is in motion. Basically, when the caravan is in motion, the air in the caravan is pressurised and the DRS allows the clean air to flow into the caravan and the airflow pushes out the airborne dust from other spaces and reduces additional dust from entering. Most dust particles are filtered out of the incoming air and this means less dust remains in the caravan. When you get to your destination, you can start enjoying yourself right away without needing to spend all your time cleaning your caravan. The DRS has been heavily tested in the dusty countryside of Australia. Even when driving behind another vehicle on a dusty road, a significant reduction of dust getting in and remaining in the vehicle was recorded, compared to when the DRS was not in use. Another benefit of having a Dust Reduction System in your caravan is that fact that reducing the dust and other airborne particles where you sleep can be much better for your health.

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