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5 Camping Accessories to Up Your Game This Summer

Summer over landing group

Camping season is here and your camping gear is cleaned and prepped (because you already read and followed our spring cleaning blog) but you feel like something is missing. Your camping checklist is feeling lackluster, and just like it’s good to spruce up your wardrobe with the change of the season, it’s also a great time to level up your camping gear.

Introducing 5 accessories to up your off-grid game this season:

Item 1 - Dometic GO Hydration Water Jug

Let’s face it, your old water jug is older than the teenager who delivers your pizza, and is starting to smell similar too. A water jug is one of the most simple and most necessary accessories for camping trips both short and long. If you’ve ever been in the backcountry and realized you’re running low on water, you know how important this seemingly small piece of gear is.

The Dometic GO Hydration Water Jug holds 11 liters of water with multiple dispensing options built in. With tie-down guides and removable webbed handles, this water jug is ready to go wherever you need it to.

If aesthetics are your thing, don’t worry, it comes in three sleek and modern colorways to keep your campsite photo-worthy (if that’s what you’re into).

Item 2 - Dometic GO Hydration Water Faucet 

The Dometic GO Hydration Water Faucet is arguably both one of the most fancy and least fancy items you can add to your camping set-up. This small camping accessory turns your water jug into your kitchen faucet with the touch of a finger. It is simple, sleek, and easy to use, but also one of those products that make you go “why didn’t I think of that?”.

The water faucet is an essential addition to your Hydration Water Jug because it makes all those small daily tasks suddenly so much more convenient, and they were made to fit together like peanut butter and jelly. With an optional magnetic base, you can easily set your faucet up on any metal surface while your water jug stays hidden below on the ground. Powered with a battery that will last you through up to 150 liters you don’t need to worry about one more item to plug in, and the faucet has an automatic shutoff after one minute, in case the little ones run off after washing their hands. 

Say goodbye to bulky wash bins and water jug spillage and say hello to less mess and more convenience.

Item 3 - Dometic GO Camping Blanket

After the family has washed their hands with their new water jug and faucet, it’s time to settle down on a blanket for a picnic dinner. Your old blanket soaked through too easily if the ground was damp, and the delicate fabric was difficult to wash. Enter the Dometic GO Camping Blanket

A blanket is another underrated but always important camping accessory and this one will meet all of your needs. With a dual surface that has a soft fluffy top and a durable waterproof bottom and an included stuff sack, this blanket is ready to keep you warm, be a dry or clean spot to sit, a comfy place for a diaper change, or for your four-legged furry friends to lounge. 

It’s machine washable, and available in two neutral colors so that it is ready to blend in seamlessly to your already epic camping set up. 

Dometic water jug
man sitting with dog on Dometic blanket while camping
Item 4 - Dometic GO Hard Storage 50L

You’ve finished dinner and the dishes are done (quickly and easily, with your new water faucet) and now it’s time to store away all of your camping dishes, cookware, and kitchen odds and ends. The cheap plastic bin you just bought last year has already cracked in two places and the lid doesn’t click shut correctly. The Dometic GO Hard Storage 50L is the best new solution to all of your accessory storage needs (an accessory for your accessories). 

These easy clip-to-close load boxes are stackable, so if you have multiple they will fit together with a “nesting design” that allows the top of one box to fit securely to the lid of the box below it, so no more sliding around in the cargo area. They are made with an impact-resistant plastic that is more durable than your average plastic camping gear bin, and are also water and dust resistant, which means that you can store them inside or outside and they will still remain moisture, dust, and bug free. 

Item 5 - Zamp Solar Obsidian 100 Panel

The sun has set but that doesn’t mean you have to turn in for the night. Time to snuggle up under your Dometic GO Camping Blanket and watch a movie on your outdoor projector. No power? No problem.

Even though your favorite campsite is off-grid and far and away from electric hookups, you still want to have the luxury of charging your electronics, your CFX powered cooler, and your PLB40 battery. A solar panel, like the Zamp Obsidian Series 100, is the next accessory on your “to buy” list.

Surfer on beach with Dometic storage
Family RVing powered by solar

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