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Inside the on-the-water world of Dometic Marine ambassador Timmy Stenlake.

Timothy Stenlake, better known as “Timmy Turtle” lives in tropical North Queensland but is often on the road seeking out his next on-the-water adventure. After a career as a professional canoe marathon athlete, he is remaining true to his water lifestyle but has traded in his canoe for a boat and captures his incredible fishing and outdoor adventures on camera sharing them with his YouTube and social media community.

Follow Timmy’s adventures on YouTube at Timmy Turtle Fish and on Instagram at @timmyturtle_official


You’ve lived a lifestyle in and around the water your whole life, what do you think influenced this or grew your passion for the water?

“I spent every day for 10 years on the water kayaking all around Australia. I became addicted to reading currents and weather conditions and watching the front of the boat bob and pierce through the water. I always used to think about the things I was paddling over, the fish and ocean structures. When I finished my career in paddling, I got hooked on trying to catch the things I had always thought about while paddling.”

What has been your most memorable on-water adventure and why?

“I have so many on-water adventures that I will remember for the rest of my life. From winning races around the world to the things you see out there while training every day. I've got many great memories of the new adventures I have had with people while filming too. I always find that the feeling of the next adventure quickly overtakes the feeling of a good trip you just had. I love the feeling you get when you arrive at a new spot and wonder what is ahead.”

Can you tell us about your new boat? What inspired the build and what did you know you needed on the boat from day one of the build?

“I started building a new boat with George from Samurai Plate Boats based in North Queensland. I have always tried to build boats, the building process gives you so much appreciation for being on the water. The build has been more challenging than I anticipated but we're eager to get it finished and be out on the water again. After I relocated to North Queensland I knew I wanted a boat big enough to take to the reef but still small enough to enter creek systems. I also wanted enough space to live on for small periods at a time. George suggested his 15-degree hull which allows shallow water access while still holding its own as a great offshore boat. Apart from those two non-negotiables, everything else on the boat has been designed along the way. The goal was to build a boat that I could live on while the weather was good, living the real 'mobile living' life, on the water and on the land.”

Timmy Stenlake
Timmy Stenlake
Timmy Stenlake
Once completed, the boat will be fitted with a number of Dometic products, which one are you most excited about and why?

I'm most excited about the SeaStar Solutions Jackplate, Optimus Electronic Power Steering, and the CRX powered cooler. I have driven boats with jack plates before the ability to lift the motor out of the water in shallow conditions and on long runs to the reef saves on fuel and gives you more flexibility in different weather conditions. Partnered with a 15-degree hull this will mean I can get into extremely shallow water, giving me access to explore places many people can't reach. I'm also excited to have a fridge onboard, not having to buy ice and being able to fillet fish and store them without having to leave the water is a huge bonus."

To anyone embarking on their first boat build, what are the top pieces of advice you would give?

“Throw the budget and timeline out the window. If you're going to do it, do it right and don’t cut corners, and have fun. I've enjoyed learning new things and working with my hands to create something.”