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Baja, Mexico. No roads, no buildings, natural beaches, and a group of outdoor enthusiasts making their way from one camping spot to the next.  

We invited some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry including Travis Burke, Loki, Kelly Lund, Ally Couke, and more to camp together, cook together, and enjoy the untouched beaches of Baja, Mexico to experience the Dometic difference and try out a brand-new product. So seven purpose-built overlanding rigs, ten people, four dogs, and one toddler made the journey to the Mexican peninsula for an activity-packed week.

The first step on any adventure is to get all the supplies packed and organized. The rugged team of outdoor enthusiasts first stopped to grab all the food they would need to feed everyone along the way. For the first time ever, the campers packed their supplies in the new Dometic CFX3. The CFX3 is the newest in the Dometic line of portable fridge/freezers that keep food clean, cold, and fresh in even the toughest of environments.

Fully loaded for the trip ahead, the campers headed south to Baja to soak up the sun, make new friends, and experience off-grid living at its very best. The fridge/freezers were packed to the brim for the road ahead. No ice? No worries! The CFX3 needs no ice, which means the groceries for the trip weren’t swimming in the water by the time they arrived at their destination. Even sitting out in the sun for a few days, the CFX stayed the same temperature on the inside, which could be controlled on the intuitive, high-resolution display or even via Bluetooth using the CFX3 app.

The trip was full of feet in the sand, surfing, parasailing, fishing, plenty of games of fetch, and running after a towheaded toddler. When dinner time rolled around, the travellers weren’t stuck eating cold sandwiches but instead were able to prepare food just as they would at home or even at a restaurant. Healthy meals made with fresh ingredients and even some local catches were the highlight of each night, proving that mobile living doesn’t mean compromising satisfying, savoury, or nutritious meals. The Dometic CFX3 took a beating as it moved from the beach to the beach, served as a bench, a place to quench thirst, and as the fridge and freezer of the outdoor kitchen for every feast.

Long, hot days filled with activities meant plenty of hydration. On top of keeping drinks at the perfect temperature, even in weather up to 55 degrees Celsius, the Dometic CFX3 55IM is the first fridge/freezer on the market with a built-in ice making compartment that allows you to make ice at the same time as keeping food refrigerated fresh. That means adventurers can enjoy ice-cold water, cool cocktails, and ice on demand for an enhanced, previously impossible, outdoor experience even in the most remote locations on Earth.

In Baja, the campers were given the power to be present and to enjoy each moment of the trip without having to worry about the food spoiling or running out. The crew in Baja were able to experience the best waves, beautiful beaches, and perfect weather without leaving for more supplies, ice, or being concerned about power. The Dometic CFX3 fridge/freezer series gives travellers peace of mind and the ability to stay off the grid longer, eat better, and worry less.

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