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Dometic ProSafe MD 450

Hotel In-Room Safe

Dometic safes are chosen by hotels worldwide for their sleek design, industry-leading technologies, and easy operation. This 15-inch in-room hotel safe offers LED interior light, 30.4 l capacity and is equipped with a six-digit master code, four-digit guest code and includes a high-security master key.

Available at selected dealersArt nr: 9106600924
Strong & precise design

Strong & precise design

The doors on all the standard Dometic safes are precisely cut and crafted by laser beam. This allows us to achieve 100% accuracy in dimensions and extremely small clearance between the door and casing, making the door impossible to pry open.

Strong and precise

Strong and precise

Providing a secure space for important or valuable objects doesn’t have to be cost-intensive. With a ProSafe, you can create a reliable spot within a hotel room that is worth every penny. Security and functionality are paramount in all models of Dometic safes. The ProSafe models offer your guests a high level of security thanks to their robust construction and notably improve convenience for guests with simple and intuitive operability.

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