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Dometic HiPro Care

The silent food-grade minifridge.

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Small. Silent. Strong.

A silent food-grade minifridge that puts independence within arm’s reach and lets people keep their habits.

Food grade performance

You can taste the difference between a minibar and a minifridge in 2-day-old milk. While minibars are ideal for drinks and packaged snacks, if you want milk for your morning coffee – or to save leftovers for later – you need food-grade refrigeration. The Dometic HiPro Care range combines best-in-class energy efficiency with powerful cooling to keep food and drinks at 4℃ – even in ambient temperatures up to 32℃.

It’s so good, you won’t even notice it.

Noiseless environment

Cut through the white noise with Dometic HiPro Care’s 100% silent absorption cooling technology. It means you can have convenience within arm’s reach without adding background noise. Our 30L and 40L models use advanced absorption cooling while our more powerful 60L compressor model offers an optional silent mode as well.

You could say it delivers the yum without the hum.

Seamless integration

Compact and versatile, the new HiPro Care range is perfect for all room sizes, whether snugly placed in a bedside cabinet or positioned at chest level for easy access. Coming in two versions, our free standing unit is the optimal choice for standalone use, while the built-in option effortlessly integrates into furniture with the standard quick-fix sliding hinge included in the box.

You can say goodbye to backaches – whether you're a user or an installer.

Their habits their way

Keeping a bit of independence is about integrity and pride. It’s about being able to have a glass of milk in the middle of the night if we want. To be able to decide for ourselves – it’s one of life’s small comforts when it means the most.

Minibars aren’t designed for care facilities

They cool drinks and snacks but that’s about it. That’s why we developed the Dometic HiPro Care. It combines powerful food-grade refrigeration and silent operation into a flexible and convenient minifridge. Its silence provides bedside convenience and let’s people have a little independence within arm’s reach. Its performance provides point-of- consumption flexibility when catering for those in care.

Check out our videos about the new HiPro Care:

Premium touch that shows you care

The Dometic HiPro Care’s quality of build and elegant design stands alone – but it doesn’t need to be a centerpiece. Our models not only blend seamlessly and stylishly with your interior, they also keep a low profile when it comes to energy consumption.

For care and facility providers, it's an efficient way to enhance patient comfort.

For interior designers, it’s an elegant way to spell premium.

For families, it’s a big little way to show they care.

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