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Dometic Launches Delibox a Game Changing Solution for Food Delivery

Dometic Launches Delibox a Game Changing Solution for Food Delivery


Dometic Launches Delibox a Game Changing Solution for Food Delivery

Chicago, IL - May 18, 2021. Mobile living expert Dometic aims to disrupt the premium delivery market with a new smart food delivery solution, DeliBox. An industry-first product, the Dometic DeliBox fills a white space across a variety of markets and is poised to change the future of food delivery.


Dometic, a global leader in mobile living solutions, announces the launch of its industry-first DeliBox delivery solution. This revolutionary smart delivery box is designed to preserve the quality and temperature of food or other perishables seamlessly throughout the delivery process. A groundbreaking innovation, the Dometic DeliBox solves the number one complaint of food arriving cold. Offering a temperature controlled transportation solution, it guarantees a better customer experience and offers restaurateurs, ghost kitchens, last mile delivery platforms an opportunity to build trust and brand loyalty. DeliBox aims to secure the bridge from the restaurant to the table without compromising the food quality.  

Pilot programs are already underway in Stockholm, where Dometic’s global headquarters are located. Favo, a popular ghost kitchen, is trialing the product as a case study. Oscar Johansson, founder and CEO of Favo comments, “A happy customer is the only thing that counts to us. Securing the right temperature and food quality through the Dometic DeliBox is a game-changer.” 

The industry is primed for an innovation of this kind. According to a Statista Report published in September 2020, sales for food delivery increased 60% between 2017 and 2020. By 2024, the platform-to-consumer will be the leading category for food delivery with a projected revenue of 96.9 billion dollars.

“There is a huge demand for high-end food delivery, yet physical products are lagging behind. With the Dometic DeliBox, we’ve reimagined food delivery and developed a product that can be a real differentiator for restaurants and ordering and delivery platforms,” comments Peter Kjellberg, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Other Verticals at Dometic. “We’ve used our expertise in temperature-controlled solutions to create something new, something unique and something that fills an important market need in the food and beverage industry.”

The Dometic DeliBox can be mounted on mopeds, motorcycles, electric bikes and placed in cars. With separate compartments and two dedicated temperature zones, it offers both active heating (all models) and active cooling (premium model) elements to keep food at optimal temperatures throughout the delivery journey. It has the capacity to handle large and even multiple orders. Featuring an air purification system with cold plasma Ion technology, the box assures a clean interior atmosphere devoid of lingering odors of previous deliveries. The premium version also offers a smart phone application that makes it possible to keep track of every delivery and monitor the temperature during transport. The Dometic DeliBox is easily customizable and can be wrapped with brand logos. 

Currently available for pre-order, the Dometic DeliBox will begin to enter the North American market in October of 2021. The price range starts at $ 775. 

Delibox press release 4.jpg

Dometic DeliBox

Key features include:

  • Active heating
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Air purifier
  • Lock
  • Outer dimensions: W500 x H560 x D611.5 mm
  • Volume: 86.63 ℓ
  • Weight: 16 kg

Dometic DeliBox dual

Key features include:

  • Dual adjustable temperature zones
  • Active heating and cooling
  • Air purifier
  • Smartphone app
  • Lock
  • Outer dimensions: W500 x H560 x D688.5 mm
  • Volume: 86.63 ℓ
  • Weight: 21 kg


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