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Dometic launches non-powered Dust Reduction System

Dometic launches non-powered Dust Reduction System


Dometic launches non-powered Dust Reduction System

Dometic introduces the Dust Reduction System (DRS) designed to minimise the amount of dust that enters caravans.


Fitted on top of the caravan, the non-powered DRS operates whilst driving to pressurise the caravan with filtered air reducing dust entry. Additionally, it provides 150 cm2 of free airflow ventilation when stationary.

“After two years and hundreds of hours of real-world testing and simulations, we have engineered a non-powered system with patented airflow management design, that significantly reduces dust from entering the caravan,” said Chialing Hsueh, President of Asia Pacific Dometic.

“The design is styled to harmonise with Dometic’s existing rooftop products, such as Dometic air conditioners, and adds to our great range of innovative global products.”

To ensure top performance, the Dometic DRS has been developed using advanced computer modelling and has undergone extensive performance testing in Australia’s dusty countryside with some seriously impressive results.

During testing, it was identified that the dust found inside the caravan was reduced by 97%* when the DRS was being used.

The DRS also contains a replaceable filter that was specifically designed to capture dust when travelling behind a vehicle on a dirt road.

There are no motors or electrical parts so there is no need for power when installing the DRS on top of the caravan.

“Due to its simple operation and its ability to be installed into various roof openings, the DRS will be an essential addition to any caravan,” said Ms. Hsueh.

*Tested on a 15’6 caravan driving along a 4km unsealed circuit between 0 and 60 km/h. Dust reduction based on average PM10 particle concentration measured at two locations inside the living area (benchtop and above the bed).

Key features:

  • Significantly reduces the amount of dust, harmful airborne particles and pollens entering the caravan
  • Reduces cleaning time after caravan trips
  • Uses a PM10 filter
  • Non-powered operation requires no opening or closing of vents
  • Dust filters can be easily replaced from inside the caravan
  • Fits roof openings between 285 x 285 mm and 400 x 400 mm and roof thicknesses between 30 mm and 65 mm.
  • Low profile rooftop unit is extremely lightweight at 5 kg
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