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What is the ideal air conditioning temperature?

The air temperature felt by the human body may differ from the actual, measured air temperature. Our thermal sensation ranges from warm or hot through comfortable to cold. We all want to enjoy a comfortable climate, and humidity plays a decisive role. When humidity is low, we tolerate hot air temperatures even though we sweat, dry heat makes the sweat evaporate quickly from the skin and creates a cooling effect.

This won’t happen, though, in a warm humid climate, when humidity is high transpiration diminishes and with it the cooling effect. As a result, we feel the heat even more. The air feels damp and sticky, which may lead to circulatory troubles and insomnia. Knowing all this, it becomes obvious what a good air conditioner ought to do. Cooling alone is not enough; it’s also necessary to reduce the humidity to get a comfortable climate. 

Comfortable climate at 26°C

The air temperature and humidity range perceived as comfortable.

Choose Air Conditioner

Our tip: compressor systems! Compressor-operated A/C systems are the most effective ones. Unlike condenseroperator systems they also reduce the air humidity