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How to create a RV awning room?

Do you want to convert your awning into an awning tent to create an extra room that can be used in all weathers? Our accessory range gives you a smart solution that can be set up with little effort by only one person.

CAMPROOM - RV Awning Room

If you have opted for a cassette awning with support legs, our CampRoom makes a great awning tent for you. The comfortable extra room in front of your vehicle can be set up in a matter of minutes, by only one person. If you cover the underside of the vehicle with a standard supplied skirt you will get a completely waterproof and wind-breaking living space.

The CampRoom is composed of two packages; one for the front (including the skirt, pegs and ropes) and one for the two side panels (including the clamp profiles, pegs and ropes). There’s a practical storage bag for both packages.