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Which awning type fits my RV?

Small or large caravan, rv or campervan – Dometic has a tailor-made awning solution for every demand. The following table gives you a first, general overview of the available options. Your choice will depend on the construction of your rv and, of course, on how much comfort you want.

Here are the three most important criteria to consider before you take your buying decision:

  • Roof or wall mounting: Which type of fastening fits your vehicle?
  • Manual or electric: Do you want an awning that slides out automatically at the touch of a button, or do you prefer manual crank operation? 

Once these three questions have been answered, you can proceed with the detailed planning. Choose the matching awning width and extension, the colour of the housing and the awning fabric. Then decide about the extras you want. Our awning accessory range gives you a whole world of possibilities.

Awning Types 01.jpg