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Which Dometic blinds am I able to order blind assemblies for?

Blind Assemblies include fabric on a roller with crossbar attached for all “Skyscreens”, and for all other products includes fabric on a roller, with or without crossbar or hem bar. 

They are available for the following products:

  • Skyscreen Mk4 (Limited Supply)
  • Skyscreen Concealed 2 (CSS2) (Only by return to Dometic UK Blind Systems Ltd, Dometic US Blind Systems, or approved
  • Distributor)
  • Skyscreen Recessed (RSS)
  • Skyscreen Surface (SFSS)
  • Skyscreen Roller Surface (SRS)
  • Skyshade Cabinshade (CSH)
  • Skyshade Bigshade (BSH)
  • Skyshade Hatchshade (HSH2)
  • Skyshade Portshade (PSH)
  • Rollerblind (RO2)
  • Windowshade (WIS2)
  • Railshade (RSH)
  • Speedshield (SSH)
  • Openshade (OS)

Contact Dometic UK Blind Systems Ltd on +44 01243 606909 for more information, or email