Dometic Super Mini Blind
Roller Blind 550x350 mm

An easy-to-use darkening roller blind and fly screen integrated in a single practical unit. Designed for installation on a wall window, allows air circulation and provides good insulation.
  • Highly insulating
  • Two functions in one
  • Lets air in
Dimensions product height
Dimensions product width
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Dometic Super Mini Blind
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    • Fly screen and darkening roller blind
    • A small gap always remains for air to circulate
    • Aluminum coating for good insulation
    • Attachable to top or bottom of window
    • Gray-white


The Dometic Mini-double cassette roller blind features a fly screen and darkening roller blind that can be conveniently joined and adjusted together. Alternatively, the roller blind can be separately closed to one of three positions. A small gap always remains to let air circulate. The screen and blind can be attached to the top or bottom of the window, while an aluminum coating provides excellent thermal insulation. Ensure your comfort and privacy on the road!


SKU number 9104119657 
Model Mini-Double Blinds 
Model on label Mini-Doppelkass.Rollo Art.1302 
Scope of delivery Mini-Doppelkass.Rollo Art.1302 
Product Description Roller Blind 550x350 mm 
Dimensions product height 440 mm
Dimensions product width 580 mm
Dimensions ordered width 550 mm
Dimensions ordered height 350 mm
Dimensions opening width 500 mm
Dimensions opening height 300 mm
Color Pearl-White