My rooftop unit has the Electric Heat Strip Option (Non-Heat Pump Electric Heat Option), but when it gets colder outside it doesn’t seem to maintain the temperature. What should I do?

The heat mode of operation will NOT replace a furnace for heating the RV in cold weather. The intent is to remove the chill on cool days or mornings. For best results when using your Electric Heater Option:

  1. Turn the selector switch to "OPT HEAT".
  2. The heat strip will come on and begin heating.
  3. When desired temperature level in RV is reached, move the selector switch to "OFF" position or "FAN" position. The thermostat does NOT control the fan/heater ON/OFF cycle.

Applicable to models: 457915.70X, 640312.80X, 457915.71X, 640312.83X, B57915.71X, 640312C35X, 459516.70X, 640312C85X, 459516.71X, 640315.80X, B59516.71X, 640315.83X, 540315.70X, 640315.84X, 540315.71X, 640315C35X, 540316.70X, 640315C85X, 540316.71X

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