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Business Solutions

Millions of professionals around the world use Dometic products. They’re business owners, entrepreneurs and specialists within industries such as hospitality, mobile delivery, healthcare, automotive and marine. Although their work may vary, what unites them is the pursuit of excellence.

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Whether it’s a family run Bed & Breakfast, the world’s first 7-star hotel or a cruise liner, the hospitality industry trusts Dometic to deliver high-quality solutions for enhanced guest satisfaction. We offer a wide selection of premium minibars, safe locker solutions, wine refrigerators for restaurants and outdoor mobile bars to give your guests an exclusive beverage experience.

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Dometic is a leading manufacturer of compact refrigeration for special applications – with decades of experience in the healthcare sector. We offer tailor made solutions to keep patients comfortable and safe with a wide range of cooling options to store medicines and refreshments as well as safe lockers to protect personal belongings. Our customers include hospitals as well as clinics, retirement homes and nursing homes.

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Mobile Deliveries

In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, businesses are having to adapt to new ways of working in order to continue to remain operational. If your business is within food and beverage, then you may find yourself in a situation where you have a need for temperature-controlled transport and storage in order to continue to serve your customers. We’re here to help with our flexible and convenient range of cooling and heating solutions for mobile delivery.

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Professional Marine

From marine HVAC and refrigeration systems to sanitation, Dometic is a highly experienced single source provider of complete marine solutions for commercial and large-scale leisure vessels. Our products have been tried and tested in thousands of installations. We look forward to your challenge.

Dometic Truck & Special Vehicle Solutions

Trucks & Special Vehicles

As a trucker, you want to be comfortable. You want to eat well, feel safe and simply have a good drive. No matter if you are on a long-haul job with overnights in the cabin, or doing shorter journeys, some things are a necessity rather than a luxury. Whether it's a fresh cup of coffee, staying cool behind the wheel or enjoying your favorite meal, our in-cab solutions deliver more comfort, safety, and hygiene on the job. When you are on the road, we’ve got you covered.

Dometic MoBar

Beverage Centers for Hotels & Venues

Dometic MoBar 550 S

Dometic MoBar 550 S

Outdoor mobile bar, rotomoulded basket, dual zone fridge, stainless-steel

Dometic MoBar 300 S

Dometic MoBar 300 S

Outdoor mobile bar, rotomoulded basket, single zone fridge, stainless-steel

Dometic MoBar 50 S

Dometic MoBar 50 S

Outdoor mobile bar, insulated presentation basket, stainless-steel

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Dometic Delibox

Engineered for temperature-controlled food delivery

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