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Dometic Büttner PP 00411

“CLASSIC POWER PLUS I” power supply system

Extra-strong battery control booster plus battery computer plus 170-watt solar system: The PowerPack CLASSIC POWER PLUS I ensures optimal charging of the onboard battery(ies) in every situation. Designed for large motorhomes and high comfort requirements. The ideal package solution for those who do not want to compromise on charging performance.

Art nr: 9620000279

Optimum charging of the onboard batteries – while driving and on the 230 V mains

Battery computer controls and monitors the complete charging electronics

Solar system 170 Wp provides additional electricity for charging the batteries

State-of-the-art IU0U charging technology – fast, gentle charging of all types of batteries

Detachable control unit for remote monitoring in the interior

Easy installation – complete installation accessories are included

Also suitable for vehicles with an EBL central electronic unit

Dometic Büttner PowerPack BASIC, PowerPack CLASSIC I, PowerPack CLASSIC II, PowerPack CLASSIC POWER I, PowerPack CLASSIC POWER II, PowerPack CLASSIC POWER PLUS I, PowerPack CLASSIC POWER PLUS II - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA8

Installation and Operating Manual

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