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Dometic CoolAir RT 780

Truck parking cooler, 12° compressor tilt

This self-contained rooftop parking cooler, which fits truck brands, has been designed as a single unit making it ultra-easy to install and maintain. 12° compressor tilt.

Art nr: 9105306292


The Dometic CoolAir RT 780 rooftop parking cooler is designed for day trips and inner-city distribution services. It gives drivers a pleasant climate during shorter stops and unavoidable waiting periods, e.g. when loading and unloading. As a self-contained air conditioner, the CoolAir RT 780 integrates all components in a single housing. Installation is quickly done, and there’s no need for maintenance either. Good to know: the CoolAir RT 780 fits almost every truck. It comes in two versions, with 0° or 12° compressor tilt, to accommodate different roof designs. Tailor-made installation kits are available for all common truck models.

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