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Dometic Frigo DC-CCU

Compressor and condenser unit for Frigo DC 2500 and 3500

Unlike conventional transport cooling systems, the compressor and the condenser of Frigo DC series cooling kits are integrated in a single, compact unit that is fitted in the spare wheel compartment. There are no components installed in the engine compartment, and nothing mounted on the roof either!

Art nr: 9600011603

Space-saving compressor and condenser are integrated in a single unit

Quick installation without drilling thanks to vehicle-specific adapter kits

Easy service and maintenance – less components, no drive belts to check or replace

Fully integrated cooling system with no roof-mount structure

Engine-independent – compressor/condenser unit placed in spare wheel compartment

Efficient variable speed compressor – high performance, low energy consumption

Lightweight – up to 40% lighter than competitor systems

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Frigo DC Compressor/Condenser Unit

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Frigo DC 2500/3500

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Compressor and condenser unit for Frigo DC 2500 and 3500



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