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Truck parking cooler buying guide

Find the right parking cooler for your truck


A familiar picture in parking areas: truck drivers leaving the engine running for hours to use the air conditioner or to recharge the batteries during their resting periods. This is bad for the environment, and it’s also against the law. Tons of fuel are wasted, and fleet operators pay dearly for it, plus the wear and tear on the engine. A parking cooler keeps operating costs down. Equally important to fleet owners is the fact that it improves work safety and thus ensures that the driver and freight arrive safe and sound.

The ideal cabin climate

A comfortable feeling – it’s all about temperature and humidity

Comfortable climate at 26 °c

The air temperature and humidity range perceived as comfortable

Compressor parking coolers

The air temperature felt by the human body may differ from the actual, measured air temperature. Our thermal sensation ranges from warm or hot through comfortable to cold. We all want to enjoy a comfortable climate, and humidity plays a decisive role. When humidity is low, we tolerate even hot air temperatures even though we sweat. Dry heat makes the sweat evaporate quickly from the skin and creates a cooling effect. This won’t happen, though, in a warm humid climate, when humidity is high transpiration diminishes and with it the cooling effect. As a result, we feel the heat even more. The air feels damp and sticky, which may lead to circulatory troubles and insomnia.

Knowing all this, it becomes obvious what a good truck parking cooler ought to do. Cooling alone is not enough; it’s also necessary to reduce the humidity to get a comfortable climate.


Compressor-powered parking coolers are the most effective ones. Unlike condenser-operator systems they also reduce the air humidity.

Dometic CoolAir truck parking coolers

Select the model to suit your truck and your working day

CoolAir compressor parking coolers have been around for over ten years to improve working conditions, safety and cost efficiency in the European utility vehicle industry. Powerful and efficient like no other, they offer unique benefits for drivers, installers and fleet operators. Vehicle-specific mounting accessories available for all common truck models make for fast and easy installation with perfect results.

The current Dometic CoolAir range includes three self-contained roof top air conditioners integrating all components in a compact housing and a modular split system for tricky installation conditions, such as cabins with spoilers. This buying guide is meant to help you find the right CoolAir model to suit your truck, your working conditions and your idea of a perfect cabin climate.

Split parking cooler for tricky installation conditions

The alternative for cabins with roof spoilers and other “special cases”. With our well proven split system, the powerful compressor unit teams up with a separate evaporator unit to be fitted inside the cabin or on the roof.

Create comfort

The task of a truck parking cooler

Relaxed drivers are safer drivers who are less likely to be involved in accidents. This is one of the reasons why the laws on resting periods for truck drivers are so strict. But what are the conditions drivers need to rest in complete comfort? The temperature range we perceive as comfortable is not really that wide, as the illustration above shows. Temperatures up to 26 °C are only felt as pleasant when humidity is low. When the air is damp, the thermometer should not exceed 20 °C. We feel more comfortable when the room temperature is between 18 °C and 22 °C and the humidity between 40 and 70 %. To create these conditions in a truck cabin the air must be cooled down and dehumidified at the same time. This calls for a compressor powered air conditioner. A/C systems based on direct or indirect evaporation cooling are less effective.

Perfect climate in every situation

The two CoolAir RTX systems give drivers a choice of four operating modes to make it even easier for them to adjust the cooling capacity to individual climate conditions and personal comfort requirements.Automatic mode: Fan and compressor are controlled automatically.
Eco mode: The compressor speed is limited to a maximum of 2400 revs/min (instead of 3600 revs/min). This saves energy and extends the runtime.
Boost mode: Compressor and fan are running at full capacity – for a maximum of 20 minutes, or until the preset temperature has been reached. Then the system switches back to automatic mode.
Manual mode: The blower speed can be set to five different levels.


CoolAir RTX parking coolers keep it nice and cool, even in soaring heat. CoolAir RTX lives up to its promise even at outside temperatures of 52 °C.

14 good reasons to opt for a coolair truck parking cooler

  • Superior performance: CoolAir air conditioners run longer, quieter and more economical – even at high ambient temperatures up to 52°C
  • Reduced fuel consumption: no engine running during resting periods
  • Self-explanatory, convenient operation: 4 operating modes (RTX series), individual air flow regulation
  • Restful breaks without noise and exhaust gas exposure: concentrated drivers, less accidents
  • Contemporary automotive design perfectly matching the vehicle inside and out
  • Approved road compatibility: tested and certified by independent test laboratories
  • Vehicle-specific installation concept: fast and easy installation, 100% clean removal
  • CoolAir freedom of choice: models of different capacity to be selected for specific applications; tailor-made solutions for all common types of trucks
  • ADR-compliant: no refitting necessary (CoolAir RTX, CoolAir SP 950T)
  • Worldwide service network: minimal downtimes in case of repairs
  • IP-test, DIN 40050-9
  • Hot/cold cycle test
  • Saltwater spray test
  • Field tests in Europe and Australia


CoolAir air conditioners run longer, quieter and more economical. The RTX is able to guarantee perfect functionality at every tough condition stipulated. Keep this in mind when comparing their performance with competitors’ products!

The CoolAir RTX proofed itself robust in a series of tough tests, e. g. accelerated life testing. Tests have been done on the shaker table as well as in the climatic chamber.

Field test of parking coolers – CoolAir RTX 1000 hits all records!

At the end of May 2017 a leading East European transport company tested truck parking coolers of four major brands to support the decision-making for a future investment. During the two-day test run, all candidates – including the CoolAir RTX 1000 – were subjected to real-life conditions for about twelve hours. We are very pleased to let you know that our CoolAir RTX 1000 was the test winner in all categories. It even performed better than stipulated in our catalogues.

Test conditions

  • Two three-year-old trucks as testbeds (DAF XF and MB Actros)
  • Trucks parked on asphalt and subjected to direct sunlight
  • Cabin temperature set to 22 °C
  • Battery guard operated at factory default setting
  • Day 1: switch-on at 11:15; factory-new battery package; without using the sun shades/curtains
  • Day 2: switch-on at 09:30; used but freshly charged battery package; with the sun shades/curtains closed

Test results for CoolAir RTX 1000

To cut a long story short, our parking cooler hit all records in the test!

  • RTX showed the quickest cool-down in both cabs/on both days.
  • RTX was the only unit to reach the setpoint (22 °C) in both cabs (both days)
  • RTX was the only unit to keep the lower bed temperature at a comfortable “resting level” through the entire runtime.
  • RTX provided the longest runtime while maintaining the required temperature.
  • RTX had the highest battery readings at any given moment of the test – i.e. the lowest energy consumption.

More CoolAir benefits

A deeper look into the technology and testing procedures

Low maintenance costs

The engines of trucks fitted with a parking cooler require less maintenance. This is simply because drivers are less likely to have them run idle to operate the A/C system in their resting periods. The longer service intervals reduce the maintenance costs for fleet operators. Speaking of maintenance costs ... self-contained CoolAir air conditioners are virtually maintenance-free. All components are integrated in a compact housing. The A/C circuit is closed and hermetically tight. No need to fill up with refrigerant.

The benefits

Superior energy efficiency

CoolAir RTX parking coolers feature a variable speed inverter compressor, which allows for excellent cooling, amazingly quiet operation and superior energy efficiency. Moreover, our latest generation parking coolers are fitted with a smart refrigerant injection technology to make more economical use of refrigerant. While other manufacturers use a rather “static” capillary tubing system, the inventors of the CoolAir RTX opted for an adaptive, thermostat controlled expansion valve. The expansion valve ensures that the evaporator always gets the right amount of refrigerant – no more and no less than required to achieve the desired temperature in the driver’s cab. Quite similar to the automatic transmission of a car, the CoolAir RTX refrigerant injection system automatically adapts to the performance requirements. Capillary systems, by contrast, always inject the same amount of refrigerant. Using the same metaphor, they are like an engine running full throttle all the time.

ADR-compliant for dangerous goods transport

The European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR for short) contains special provisions as to the security of load, the marking of dangerous goods and the equipment of vehicles participating in road transport. The two CoolAir RTX parking coolers and our CoolAir SP 950 split system are ADR-compliant. That means they can be installed and operated with no further refitting and no special entry in the vehicle documents required.

CoolAir RTX ... Stay cool for longer


  • Operates up to 52 °C ambient temperature
  • Significantly longer running time
  • Very quiet operation
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Self-explanatory, convenient operation
  • 4 operating modes, individually adjustable air distribution
  • Peaceful resting periods without noise or exhaust gas exposure
  • Contemporary automotive design
  • Choice of capacity versions to suit the application
  • Battery status monitoring via separate line

CoolAir RTX ... Cuts operating costs


A CoolAir RTX truck parking cooler keeps operating costs down. Especially so if it has such an amazingly long running time like the CoolAir RTX 1000. Our sample calculation shows how much money can be saved if the engine is not running during resting periods to keep the cabin cool. And the protection against wear and tear of the engine is not taken into account ...

Fleet operators also appreciate the benefits in terms of road safety. Resting periods in a quiet and pleasantly cool cabin let drivers continue the journey with full concentration and avoid accidents. Last but not least, fitting a truck with a parking cooler helps find qualified employees and keep them loyal to the company.

Reduced fuel consumption

Engine is not running during the resting periods

Diesel price - 1.19 €
Truck running idle - Ø 6 h/day
Average usage per year - 100 days
Fuel consumption per hour (when running idle) approx. - 3 – 4 l/h
100 days x 6 hours x 3.5 l/h x 1.19 €/l = 2,499.00 €

Parking cooles for trucks

The best CoolAir we’ve ever made

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CoolAir RTX – stay cool for longer

More efficiency, more power – this, in essence, is what the third generation of our CoolAir parking coolers is all about. It comes in two capacity versions to cater for different demands. CoolAir RTX 1000 provides more cooling performance and a longer running time while consuming less energy than its predecessor model. CoolAir RTX 2000 generates more than twice the cooling power at the same running time. All of this is possible thanks to the use of a variable speed inverter compressor, which makes for excellent cooling performance and amazingly efficient and quiet operation.

Here’s why installers choose CoolAir RTX:

  • CoolAir installation concept: fast and easy installation – 100 % clean removal when the vehicle-specific installation kits are used
  • Modular CoolAir assembly kits
  • Elegant design: all CoolAir systems perfectly match the vehicle, inside and out

Vehicle-specific installation concept

Have you opted for CoolAir RTX? Then don’t forget to add the matching vehicle-specific installation kit to your order! It includes everything required for installation on the vehicle you have – from the cover frame to the connection cable – and is available for all common types of trucks. For other or older-make utility vehicles with or without a roof hatch, two universal installation kits are on offer.

Control everything

Truck parking cooler for roof top installation

CoolAir RT 780

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Rooftop parking cooler

The Dometic CoolAir RT 780 rooftop parking cooler is designed for day trips and inner-city distribution services. It gives drivers a pleasant climate during shorter stops and unavoidable waiting periods, e.g. when loading and unloading. As a self-contained air conditioner, the CoolAir RT 780 integrates all components in a single housing. Installation is quickly done, and there’s no need for maintenance either. Good to know: the CoolAir RT 780 fits almost every truck. It comes in two versions, with 0° or 12° compressor tilt, to accommodate different roof designs. Tailor-made installation kits are available for all common truck models.

Dometic CoolAir RT 780

Truck parking cooler for roof top installation

  • Cooling capacity: 820 watts
  • Self-contained air conditioner – all A/C components integrated in one roof unit
  • Fitted on the roof (air conditioner replaces roof window)
  • Suitable for nearly all vehicle models!
  • ADR-compliant (certificate upon request). No refitting needed!
  • 100 % clean removal when vehicle-specific installation kits are used

Control everything

Dometic CoolAir RT 780

Dometic CoolAir RT 780

Truck parking cooler, 0° compressor tilt

Dometic CoolAir RT 780

Dometic CoolAir RT 780

Truck parking cooler, 12° compressor tilt

The alternative to a roof parking cooler

CoolAir SP 950

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Split parking cooler

What do you do if there’s no way to install a roof parking cooler, because the cabin is too tall or already fitted with a roof-mounted structure, or the roof slope is too high? Then a version of the CoolAir SP 950 split parking cooler will save the situation. With this system the compressor unit and the evaporator unit are fitted separately: the compressor unit always to the outside of the cabin rear wall, the evaporator unit on the roof or to the inner side of the cabin rear wall, depending on the type of vehicle you have.

Spoiler alarm!

Roof spoilers fitted in the factory are original parts of the vehicle manufacturer. Their construction has been approved, and it is normally not allowed to modify the design or make any cut-outs. Installing a standard rooftop air conditioner is out of the question in most cases. This is where our modular CoolAir split system offers two smart alternatives.

This is where our modular coolair split system offers two smart alternatives.

You can use the SP 950T configuration with the super-flat roof evaporator unit, which fits neatly under the spoiler.

You can opt for the SP 950I version and install the evaporator on the inside of the cabin’s rear wall, so there’s no need for a roof-mounted structure.

Super-flat roof unit or nothing on the roof


Simply choose which split air conditioner suits you best. The CoolAir assembly kit gives you the option to combine the Dometic CoolAir SP 950C compressor unit with two different evaporator units. For the CoolAir SP 950I the evaporator unit is fitted on the inside of the cabin’s rear wall, for the CoolAir SP 950T it’s inside a super-flat roof unit.

Additional accessories as an option:

During the installation of the SP 950C compressor unit existing fastening points are used. In our case the mounting holes and bolts on the outside rear of the cabin. The fastening frame for the compressor unit perfectly matches the fastening pattern of the respective vehicle. Besides time savings the CoolAir installation concepts offers two other convincing advantages. The installation result is impeccable, inside and out, like with an original fitting. After removal the CoolAir leaves no mark. No laborious refinishing, no money lost when the vehicle is sold!

Which parking cooler fits which truck?

CoolAir SP 950

Roof parking coolers

24-volt stationary air conditioning, can be used when your truck has a roof hatch which you can exchange for a parking cooler.

Split parking coolers

24-volt stationary air conditioning, can be used when the roof hatch is designated as an emergency exit, when the cabin is very high or when there is something mounted over the roof.