Dometic Frigo EVP134A
Evaporator 2500 for Frigo with R134a

This compact, single-fan evaporator has a cooling capacity of 780 m3/h. Designed for mobile use in Frigo classic cooling systems with R 134a refrigerant, it is suitable for cargo compartments up to 18 m3.
  • 18 m3
    Cargo compartments
  • Compact
    Single-fan system
  • R 134a refrigerant
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Dometic Frigo EVP134A
...and more
    • Fits cargo compartments up to 18 m3 (Frigo classic cooling system)
    • Save space with a compact and efficient single-fan system
    • Designed for R 134a cooling systems – normal refrigeration from 0 °C to +12 °C
    • Fully integrated in the ceiling for easy loading, unloading and clean-up
    • Safer driving – nothing on the roof, the vehicle’s centre of gravity is retained
    • No need for a roof cut-out – no risk of corrosion
    • ATP + DIN 8958 certified – compliance with HACCP standard

Fully integrated – nothing on the roof

Dometic Frigo systems owe their excellent cooling performance to the use of evaporators with optimised capacity. This model version of the Dometic Frigo EVP134A evaporator, featuring a cooling capacity of 780 m³/h, is suitable for refrigerated vehicles with cargo compartments up to 18 m³. The compact single-fan system is mounted to the ceiling of the cargo hold. So it’s never in the way, neither during loading and unloading, nor during clean-up. Unlike with other manufacturers' systems, there are no roof-mounted parts. That means: no problems with headroom restrictions (e.g. in underground car parks), greater stability and driving safety, and no need for a roof cut-out.


SKU number 8883000001 
Model Frigo Evaporator R134A 
Model on label Frigo 2500 
Scope of delivery Verdampfer mit einem Lüfter, Bedieneinheit, Kabelsatz, Befestigungsmaterial 
Product Description Evaporator 2500 for Frigo with R134a 
Dimensions product height 157 mm
Dimensions product width 660 mm
Net weight 3.40 kg
Input voltage (DC) 12 V
Refrigerant, type R134a 
- Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases 
GWP 1430 
Colour White 
Certificates CE 
EAN-13 4015704210316