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Dometic PerfectView BVS 71000 Special Offer

Stock up on our professional truck blind spot camera and 7“ monitor package offer. Contact us today for a quote while stocks last.

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Manoeuvre in traffic safely and easily

Unlike conventional blind spot solutions, this turn assistant camera reliably distinguishes between moving objects like pedestrians, and static objects like a lamp post. That means the driver is warned only in case of a real danger. The set includes a smart turn assistant camera and a heavy-duty 7" LCD monitor with AHD technology.

  • 3-in-1 solution: detection of moving objects, video image of the related area, active warning (visual/acoustic)
  • System warns only in case of relevant dangers, i.e. pedestrians or cyclists moving in the blind spot area
  • Quick and easy installation – all camera components integrated in a single housing
  • Compliant to Direct Vision Standard (DVS): fulfills all requirements related to a fully operational camera monitoring system fitted to the nearside of the vehicle. Eligible for funding in Germany through the "Turning Assistant" and "De-minimis" funding programmes.
  • Heavy-duty 7" LCD monitor with advanced AHD technology (Analog High Definition)
  • Camera with infrared LEDs for good image quality day and night

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