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Dometic Cool-Ice WCI 13

Insulation box, 13 l

This highly efficient and lightweight icebox can keep ice for several days. It is made of a thick refrigeration grade foam insulation and has a unique labyrinth seal design. Take ice cold refreshment with you, wherever you're going!

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Product Highlights

Easy lock and seal
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Easy lock and seal

Lock and seal cold air inside for longer lasting ice

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Robust design with unique labyrinth seal

Shoulder strap
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Shoulder strap

Comfortable shoulder strap

Great sealing design

Great sealing design

High outside temperatures, uneven terrain, dust and mud? The “indestructible” Dometic iceboxes will take this in their stride. The Cool Ice boxes are equipped with extremely effective insulation, and once the cool packs or ice cubes have been placed inside, they will keep groceries, fish, bait and wild game fresh. Depending on use and weather conditions, this can be for several days at a time! Ultimately, every single detail of these boxes, made from impact resistant and seamless plastic, is designed for the toughest conditions. This trusty icebox come with strong and thick refrigeration grade foam insulation with unique labyrinth seal design that holds the cold air inside and hot air out for longer. This ensures your ice lasts much longer, despite the harsh outside temperatures.

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