Dometic provides a complete range of air conditioners, awnings, heat pumps, climate control systems and much more to keep your RV comfortable – no matter where you are.

Climate & Comfort

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Air Conditioners

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Camping Accessories

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Camping Tents

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Camping Furniture

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Windows & Doors

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NASA needed air conditioning in their lunar rover. Guess who they called?

In 2011, NASA was on the lookout for an air conditioning system to install in their lunar electric rover. They decided they needed expert help and consulted numerous suppliers. Finally, after a rigorous selection process, the space agency chose Dometic. “We’ve had a lot of firsts over the years, but this custom job presented special challenges for our engineers,” said a spokesperson for Dometic. After extensive trials in Arizona, where the system had to keep scientists and their equipment cool and dry, our technology is now ready for extra-terrestrial duty.
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