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Our Best 12V Car Coolers

Find the best 12V Electric Coolers for your Car

Thermoelectric 12V coolers for use in cars

Ensure your comfort while enjoying the freedom and independence of travelling by car. Simply plug our 12V electric car cooler into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle and have easy access to cold drinks from the front seat. For passenger safety, as well as the security of contents, our compact and space-saving car coolers are easily fixed in place with a seat belt. If you wish to enjoy warm food or drink on your car trip, then the thermoelectric technology in our 12V car coolers even allow you to warm contents too!

How long is your car trip?

For shorter car trips, the lightweight and compact design of our thermoelectric car coolers is ideal. Easy to carry from the car to your perfect picnic spot, the thermoelectric cooling technology cools up 27 °C below the ambient temperature making it suitable for low- to mid-temperature environments.

If you're going on longer car trips or travelling in hot climates, the powerful cooling of our spacious compressor car coolers is preferable. Not only can you store more food for your trip away, you can also cool to temperatures of -22C regardless of the ambient temperature. Cool quickly and extend the life of your food with a deep freezing compressor car cooler.

Deep Freezing Car Coolers

If you want to take frozen food or have easy access to ice on your next car trip, our portable, compressor car coolers are ideal. The compact CF range freezes down to -18 °C while also being extremely lightweight and convenient to take anywhere. Whereas the larger and more powerful CFX models offer extra freezer space and cool down to -22 °C. Our award-winning CFX range is the leading compressor car cooler on the market, available with innovative features including an innovative WiFi app for easy management of your 12V car cooler from your phone or tablet.