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Dometic HiPro Evolution N40G

Thermoelectric minibar, right hinged, glass door, 40 l class

Not just a stylish minibar, but a state-of-the-art in-room solution. This silent 40-l-class thermoelectric minibar sets new industry benchmarks in terms of cooling performance, energy efficiency and design. Its transparent glass door adds eye appeal to the room and promotes minibar sales.

Art nr: 9600028918

Product Highlights

Elegant glass shelves
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Elegant glass shelves

Durable, safe and easy to clean

Alluring display
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Alluring display

Illuminated to entice and promote minibar sales

Lock (optional)
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Lock (optional)

Secure storage of minibar contents

Decor cover
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Decor cover

Complement absorption and thermoelectric minibars with your room interior

Control Panel
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Control Panel

Easy to use control panel with status LED

Aluminum handle
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Aluminum handle

Stylish aluminium handle for all Evolution models

LED with bottles
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LED with bottles

Highlight drink options to boost sales

Glass Door Racks
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Glass Door Racks

Transparent door racks fits 1,5 ltr. bottles

Glass Door Racks
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Glass Door Racks

Luxury glass door racks with aluminium Dometic design panel

Full Glass Door
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Full Glass Door

Unique modern design with full glass door option

Glass Door Racks
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Glass Door Racks

Transparent door racks for optimized guest comfort

Adjustable shelf
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Adjustable shelf

Six positions to suit different bottle heights


Superior energy efficiency for significant cost savings

Noiseless thermoelectric cooling system for enhanced guest comfort

Transparent glass door and illumination stylishly display menu offerings

Two tempered glass shelves and six shelf slots for customized storage

Two door racks with decorative trim – bottom rack fits 1.5 l bottles

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Scope of delivery

1 minibar;1 manual

Product Description

Thermoelectric minibar, right hinged, glass door, 40 l class

Refrigeration technology


Dimensions product depth, ["]


Dimensions product height, ["]


Dimensions product width, ["]


Net weight, [lbs]


Total volume (IEC 62552-3), [l]


Input voltage (AC), [V]


Rated input power (AC), [W]


Input frequency, [Hz]


Refrigerant, type


Noise (EN60704-1 & 60704-2-14), [dB(A)]


Annual energy consumption at AC (EN62552-3:2020), [kWh/a]


Climate class (EN 62552)




Thermostat control

Electronic Thermostat

Hinge type

Right hinged

Interior light

Yes, LED





Dimensions parcel depth, ["]


Dimensions parcel height, ["]


Dimensions parcel width, ["]


Dometic HiPro Alpha, HiPro Evolution (A30, N30, A40, N40, C40, C60) - Operating Manual AMER4

Operating Manual


Dometic HiPro Alpha, HiPro Evolution (A30, A40, C40, C60, N30, N40) - Short Operating Manual AMERICAS(en-es-fr-pt)

Short Operating Manual

Top-rated efficiency and cooling

Top-rated efficiency and cooling

Featuring state-of-the-art cooling technology and our new CPC Logic (Continuance Performance Control System) for all absorption minibars, our new HiPro generation has redefined industry benchmarks in terms of energy efficiency and cooling performance. That means: less energy costs for hotels, enhanced cooling comfort for the guests, and less impact on the environment. It’s our way to contribute to a sustainable future.

Choose from three cooling technologies

Choose from three cooling technologies

Due to a consistently modular concept, the new HiPro minibar range gives you a choice of three different cooling technologies: noiseless absorption cooling or noiseless thermoelectric cooling for all HiPro Alpha and HiPro Evolution models – plus, high-performance compressor technology as a third option for the HiPro Alpha 40-l-class. That means you will always get the best of both worlds – your favorite model configuration and your preferred cooling technology.

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