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Dometic DeliBox 90HC

Food Delivery Box, active heating and cooling, 86.6L

Do you want to provide your home delivery customers with the same food quality they would get when eating out? Upgrade your delivery fleet with the Dometic DeliBox. The innovative, award-winning catering box makes it easy to maintain the right temperature from the restaurant to the customer’s doorstep. Its spacious interior is divided into two height-adjustable compartments – one with active heating for warm food at 40°C (104 °F) to 70°C (158 °F), one with active cooling for refrigerated dishes at 2°C (36 °F) to 20°C (68 °F).

Sold in our dealer networkArt nr: 9620008593

Product Highlights

Extra-large storage capacity – for several orders to be delivered at once

Two temperature zones – with active warming and active cooling

Can be mounted on mopeds, scooters, motorbikes as well as in cars and vans

Approved food-grade interior guarantees safety for consumers

Optional battery pack for up to 3-4 hours of independent operation

Extra-large capacity

Extra-large capacity

Featuring a net capacity of about 86 l, the Dometic DeliBox has room for either 12 pizza boxes, 4-6 take-away bags, or 2 large grocery bags. The extra-large capacity, together with the temperature control, allows multiple delivery stops during the same journey. Moreover, you can deliver different types of food at the ideal temperature: warm food and fresh produce or warm and refrigerated food, depending on the DeliBox model you use.

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