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A close up image of a man on a bike with a Dometic DeliBox on the back.

Dometic x Cake emerges as the best of best in Automotive Brand Contest Prof


Dometic x Cake emerges as the best of best in Automotive Brand Contest Prof

Stockholm, Sweden - July 12, 2021. A concept of future transportation, the combination of e-utility bike Cake Ösa and Dometic's climate-controlled delivery container, Dometic DeliBox, was recognized by the German Design Council and awarded best of the best ABC Awards 2021 in the transportation category.

A studio photo of a blue bike with a Dometic Delibox on the back.

The German Design Council’s ABC Awards 2021 distinguishes outstanding design and communication work in all fields and disciplines in the world of mobility. The jury this year has presented awards in the three main categories: “Transportation,” “Mobility & Innovation,” and “Communication,” along with four special categories. 

A groundbreaking climate-controlled delivery box, the Dometic Delibox mounted on the utility platform Ösa by CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric motorcycles, won this high-profile international award in the Automotive Brand Contest, Best of Best 2021. 

The Dometic X Cake concept

Dometic DeliBox is a climate-controlled container serving the needs for both hot and cold foods. Together with its robust, generous and practical construction, it was designed for stability, safety, hygiene and cleanliness. The container is carried by the Cake Ösa and shares power from the same forceful battery, running the bike. It shows to be more than 50% more efficient compared to pedals or cars. Combining the aspects of sustainability, quality, efficiency and satisfactions, it’s a true Game Changer.

Statement of the jury

The flexible basic concept of »CAKE« allows new application concepts to be generated in a short time, such as in this case the electrically driven delivery vehicle for food to be cooled or heated. The integration of the cooling box, which blends harmoniously with the robust basic design of the electric motorbike, has been beautifully solved in terms of form. This creates another exciting variant that impressively proves how great the potential of this fantastic concept is, sensibly combining sustainability, quality and efficiency with special application concepts.

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