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Static Awnings

Inflatable motorhome and caravan awnings which connect to a vehicle but have to be deflated and packed away before the connected vehicle can be driven away.

Drive-Away Awnings

Awnings which connect to a motorhome or campervan but can be disconnected from the vehicle without having to be deflated and remain free-standing, allowing the vehicle to be driven away.

Features & Materials

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Dometic Air Frame has revolutionised touring

The patented AIR Frame technology in Dometic inflatable awnings will transform your touring experience. Conventional steel and fibreglass awning poles are replaced with interlinked inflatable AIR Poles, enabling you to inflate the entire awning from a single external point. Not only is the AIR Frame extremely strong, it can flex in the wind too, so you’ll never break or bend a pole.

Static Caravan & Motorhome Awnings

For tourers wanting an awning designed for static use, our best-selling static awnings are easy to set-up and take-down, providing fantastic fitting to the vehicle side and first class accommodation. Utilising the unique AIR Frame system, which links individual AIR Poles together, Dometic static awnings can be conveniently inflated from a single point. Twin beading comes as standard (5 mm and 7 mm) and can either be fed through the awning rail attached to your vehicle or threaded through the front channel of a cassette awning.


The Residence is a full caravan awning that utilises the total length of the awning rail. With it's classic shape, 275cm depth, external blinds and breathable All-Season fabric, the Residence caravan awning is ideal for longer term stays.


The Club is an inflatable porch awning available in 4 widths and 2 heights, to suit different caravans and motorhomes. The Club has a built-in front canopy and is available in lightweight Pro and breathable All-Season fabric.


The Ace features a modern hexagonal front and a built-in canopy over the front doors, this porch caravan awning is the deepest in our range at 325cm. We offer 2 widths as well as lightweight Pro and breathable All-Season fabric options.


The Grande is an extra spacious Rally awning, it's 300cm deep and includes an extra window on each side. This porch awning is available in lightweight Pro and breathable All-Season fabric and caravan and motorhome height options.


The original inflatable porch awning, the Rally features a 250cm depth and removable front & side panels. The Rally is available in Pro and All-Season fabric, 4 widths and 2 heights, to suit different caravans and motorhomes.


The lightest weight awning in our range, the Leggera porch awning offers the quickest set-up. This porch awning is available in lightweight 150 D and environmentally responsible REDUX fabric and caravan and motorhome height options.

Drive-away Motorhome, Campervan & SUV Awnings

Dometic free-standing awnings are available in a range of sizes, built to fit vehicles with a connection height between 220 and 300 cm. Our innovative drive-away awnings are versatile by design, with adjustable connection tunnels fitting securely to most motorhomes, panel vans and campervans.

Rally DA

The Rally DA features a very tall living area, the awning is available in 3 widths and fits vehicles between 220-300cm tall. All models are available in lightweight Pro fabric, with one All-Season model available too.

Club DA

The Club DA features a built-in canopy over the front door and is for campervans specifically. The awning is 250cm deep and the fitting height is 180-220cm. Available in lightweight Pro fabric.

Club Deluxe

The Club Deluxe DA has weather protection canopies on all 3 sides and a spacious (420 x 260cm) internal space. This awning is for campervans and is available in our lightweight Pro fabric.

Rarotonga DA

Taking inspiration from the Dometic tent range, the Rarotonga features a 4-berth bedroom and a unique built-in storage space. This DA is available in lightweight 150 D and breathable TC fabric and is for campervans only.


The ultimate modular shelter, the HUB has many different optional extras, including campervan and SUV connection capability. The HUB is available in one size and benefits from lightweight Pro fabric.


The Auto DA attaches to the rear of all SUVs and tailgate cars - ideal for simple overnight shelter or for storing sports equipment. This DA is made using environmentally responsible REDUX fabric and can be fitted with a 2-berth bedroom.

Awning Features

Multi-Height System

Your Dometic awning will be easier to pitch on uneven ground and perform better in adverse conditions, effectively shedding rainwater and fitting closer to the vehicle side.

Quickpitch Guying System

Heavy-duty straps can be pegged out in seconds. Peg the bottom strap taut and adjust the top buckle to apply tension.

Dual-Pitch Roof System

Effectively deflect wind and shed rain water efficiently to prevent puddling on the roof and enhance performance.

AIR Frame

Single Point Inflation AIR Frame awnings inflate entirely from just one external inflation point, creating an exceptionally strong structure.

SabreLink Ready

Attach up to three lights on the front and centre AIR Poles. Switch the lights on/off and adjust the brightness remotely.

Limpet Ready

Pre-punched holes ready to attach the rear wall of the awning to the vehicle using Limpet Fix technology.

Veranda Pole Ready

Ready to accept our fully adjustable aluminum veranda pole, which allows you to open the awning windows to your desired position, letting in fresh air whenever you need it.

Apex Ventilation

Ventilation improves comfort by increasing air circulation and reducing condensation.

Dual Keder

5 mm and 7 mm keder for fitment to caravans and motorhome cassette awnings.

Awning Materials

Weathershield™ All-Season

Ultra-rugged and UV resistant All-Season material, perfect for touring in warmer climes and for longer stays. The fully breathable fabric is constructed to handle extremes of weather and has been tested in the wettest regions of Europe and the sunniest parts of Australia to ensure it never lets you down.

Weathershield Pro

The iconic fabric used extensively throughout the awning range has proven quality in diverse environments. With the look and feel of a traditional fabric, but weighing far less, Weathershield™ Pro continues to be the definitive choice for tourers the world over.

Weathershield TC

A high-quality polycotton material with a classic canvas feeling. This material allows the awning to breathe, reducing condensation and regulating the interior temperature on hot days.

Weathershield™ REDUX

Waterproof, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Woven from recycled plastic bottle yarn, this material offers reliable protection against wind and weather.

Weathershield 150D

Extremely light and easy to handle, Weathershield™ 150D promises super-fast set-up and take-down every time. Highly durable and weather-resistant too, this lightweight material offers great value with no compromises.

Waterproof & UV Protection

All awning material is tested to 200L/m2 per hour to ensure that you are kept dry. Dometic awning material allows only 1/50th of ultraviolet rays to pass through, ensuring you’re protected and kept cool.

How To Set Up Your Awning


Sun canopies, Winter awnings and options for Eriba and Adria Action Caravans

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