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Dometic MWE 9104F

Front parking aid for cars and vans, four sensors

The perfect complement to your original rear parking aid: This front parking aid works with four tiny ultrasonic sensors, which are neatly integrated in the front bumper. The system emits an acoustic warning when you are getting too close to an obstacle. An LED display for visual warning can be added with ease. Park with confidence: your MagicWatch parking aid system makes sure you can.

269 €
Art nr: 9620008773
Looks like an original parking aid

Looks like an original parking aid

Dometic MagicWatch MWE 9-series parking aids feature four tiny built-in sensors which are only 18 mm in diameter and so virtually invisible. Car owners’ care about how their vehicles look and parking aid sensors should be tiny and discreet, yet work effectively. These small, paintable Dometic sensors do just that and are among the smallest on the aftermarket.

Parameter Programming System (PPS)

Parameter Programming System (PPS)

Dometic MagicWatch MWE series parking aids feature a Parameter Programming System (PPS), which gives you quite a number of useful extra functions. For example, the sensor sensitivity can be adjusted in 9 steps to suit individual preferences. Moreover, the range and the stop zone can be set separately for the two central and the two corner sensors. It is also possible to shift the stop zone when a a spare wheel or a winch is attached to the vehicle front.

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