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2 women at a campsite in the mountains with an assortment of Dometic products

A Sustainable Lifestyle

A need for more sustainable choices

More and more people want to make sustainable choices and reduce their impact on the environment. Travelling is an area where more sustainable choices can make a big difference. One way is by replacing long distance travel with short trips nearby. By exploring local surroundings at a closer distance, there is a potential to reduce carbon emissions from travelling significantly. Local nature offers fantastic experiences without the need to travel far. Exploring wildlife and nature around us and caring for the environment are part of a sustainable lifestyle.

Enabling a more Sustainable Lifestyle

Dometic makes it easy to experience local nature comfortably, enabling sustainable lifestyles. We offer everything you need for a comfortable getaway outdoors. Our equipment lets you pack fresh food and drinks to cook and enjoy in the wild. Using electricity off-grid is simple with our renewable energy solutions like solar-powered batteries. At Dometic, we want nature experiences to be accessible for everyone. You don’t have to be an experienced adventurer or an athlete – nature welcomes all. Our products let everyone enjoy a relaxing time outdoors.

Marion Haerty, Snowboard Freedride World Champ' x4

"The Dometic Rooftop Tent goes everywhere with me. I really like to use this product for my daily trips between training and for going on adventures with my boyfriend. I feel totally at home in the tent on my car roof. It’s also really easy to set up, especially since I tend to go by the weather forecast to pursue my outdoor passions."

Products that last longer

Products that last long and can survive wear and tear reduce the need for new materials and production. Dometic products are designed to endure tough environments outdoors, like our Dometic CFX3, a powered cooler and trusted companion in your adventures for years to come.

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Sustainability at Dometic

Outdoor cooking with Dometic portable grill


By making the outdoors comfortable and accessible, Dometic inspires an active lifestyle and contributes to the well-being of more of us.

Sustainable innovation

Sustainable Innovation

At Dometic we use innovation for sustainability to develop new products with more sustainable materials, better energy performance and excellent durability.