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Our monitoring systems offer unrivalled safety and comfort. Designed for trucks and special vehicles, the Dometic reversing video range is a prime example. It combines a wide variety of camera models with a clutch of high-quality AHD LCD monitors – all of which are built to handle daily use.

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Rear view camera systems improve safety

Dometic camera devices are critical for maintaining the safety of the vehicle and the driver, but they also improve the safety of the general public as well. Using an RV camera or truck camera improves visibility during the night, but they are also useful in the daytime as well. They enable the driver to see a variety of angles around the rear area of the vehicle where the most dangerous obstacles might be hidden from view. This includes children and pets, but it is also helpful when avoiding stationary objects while parking.

What type of vehicles can benefit from using rear view camera systems?

These systems improve the safety and maneuvering capacity of all types of vehicles, but they are especially useful if the vehicle has an extended body. Dometic cameras provide the driver with a complete view of every angle in the rear area. This means that the driver will be able to see 360 degrees around his car, truck or RV. Rear view camera systems improve the driver’s ability to maneuver spaces that would otherwise be uncomfortably tight.

Does the truck camera or RV camera improve the driver's confidence noticeably?

Essentially, the camera system functions as another set of eyes in the areas that are least visible. This is useful when navigating through any tight areas including alleys, backstreets and narrow parking lots with tight areas that don’t provide much room for error. The driver can now confidently maneuver around various obstacles while avoiding scraping the vehicle or brushing up against any object that might scratch the paint.

What is included in the Dometic camera sytem?

Selecting a product from Dometic provides you with a high-quality solution. There is a set installation kit that includes all of the critical components for the system to function properly right away. The flat LCD monitor comes equipped with ADH technology, which is integrated into an elegant encasement. The monitor size is around seven inches, and there are also cables and mounting accessories that come with the entire kit. You can also upgrade the system in the future if you’re interested in additional features at that time. For example, one of the advanced models features temperature controls, and the heater provides ease of use during harsh winter conditions.

What other features should be considered before buying a rear view camera system?

The image quality is certainly one of the most important features to consider. The clarity of the image depends on the resolution of the camera, and this is a critical safety component. The image quality in this system is superb, and you can expect to experience great visibility under any lighting conditions. Some of these models feature a system that permits up to three cameras to be connected at the same time. The housing can be painted any color in order to allow it to blend into your existing vehicle frame. Select units also feature a microphone for additional functionality when maneuvering in difficult places where audio signals will improve awareness.

Why choose Dometic for rear view camera systems?

Dometic has great expertise in the area of mobile living. Life can be tough when you’re always out on the road and we understand that. It is our mission to enhance comfort and safety by helping you with everyday struggles (just like navigating a big vehicle into a narrow parking spot). All the while, we make sure to maintain the highest standards for ethics, product quality and labor practices.