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How do I check for damage to my awning seams?

This FAQ applies to awnings constructed using the following materials: 

  • Weathershield 63D
  • Weathershield 68D
  • Weathershield 150D
  • Weathershield Pro
  • Weathershield All-Season
  • Weathershield PVC

All awning seams are sealed during production with a PVC tape, applied at a high temperature to ensure permanent attachment. 

If you believe that your awning is suffering from water ingress, not condensation, inspect the condition of the tape in the area affected. The tape is transparent, so maybe hard to see until you look closely at the seam. 

If any seam taping has been damaged or come loose, we would recommend it is repaired using Seam Sealant. This is easily applied and results in a colorless and flexible repair.

An example of broken PVC tape:

Broken PVC tape

If there is no damage to the tape, but you are still experiencing suspected water ingress, Kampa Dometic recommends applying Super Hydrophobic Spray to the affected area. Not only will this ensure that the awning remains waterproof, it will also create an extra layer of resistance to UV damage, prolonging the life of an awning.