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How do connect a drive-away awning to my campervan?

Guy Line Method (Recommended)
  • Throw the guy lines, attached to the top corners of the tunnel, over the vehicle and either peg down on the other side or tie to the wheels
  • Unpeg to drive-away
    AdvantagesGreater tensioning of tunnel assisting with water run-off
  • Higher attachment point for better door clearance
  • Quicker to reattach upon return to your pitch

Keder Beading Method (optional accessory recommended)
  • Dometic drive-away awnings come with a 6mm keder beading sewn along the length of the rear tunnel
  • Attach directly to awning rail (if fitted) or channel of cassette awning
  • To drive-away, you will need to use drive-away kit:
    - Twin Driveaway Kit 3m
    - Twin Driveaway Kit 4m
  • For vehicles without a rail fitted, a Kampa Limpet™ Drive-Away Kit or Magnetic Driveaway Kit can be used
  • When using a drive-away kit, remove the figure-of-8 profile to drive-away

Velcro Loops Method
  • For vehicles fitted with roof rails.
  • Attach the Velcro straps, fitted along the top edge of the tunnel, around the roof rail.
  • Undo Velcro to drive-away.

Pole & Clamp Method (optional accessory required)
  • Requires gutter to run the length of the awning tunnel
  • Simply thread pole into sleeve on tunnel edge
  • Rest the pole in gutter and secure with clamps
  • Remove clamps and pole from gutter to drive-away