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How should I care for my awning windows?

We use a premium window material designed to give the clearest view out. Cloudy marks can sometimes form on the window material if packed slightly damp, this can be resolved by tensioning the awning and heat from the sun when next setup. Deeper marks, such as zip marks and folds, can be improved by applying heat directly to the window with a hair dryer.

The composition of the material means that there may be some impressions in the window, particularly after storage and folding. These are not faults. We suggest, particularly in cold conditions, and certainly in sub-zero temperatures, that the awning is thoroughly warmed up before setting up.

Our awning windows have been tested to -20°C but it is essential that the windows are prewarmed before unfolding. Before unfolding the windows can be warmed up by bringing the awning into a warm vehicle, or by applying heat directly to the windows with a hair dryer or similar appliance.