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Which Büttner-Dometic solar panels are available, or should I choose?

Domestic (building) solar modules are not suitable for mobile use:

  • Construction is not designed for vibrations etc.
  • When shaded performance is lost
  • Less cells on a large surface

Büttner-Dometic solar modules overcome these aspects as they have:

  • A rigid construction, designed for mobile use
  • Less problem with shading (for details follow the different types available)
  • More and better cells resulting in more power on a smaller surface

Dometic offers 2 different technologies and 3 different models to choose from to cope with any installation situation. They all come in different suitable sizes.

Solar modules mounted on brackets (for flat RV aluminum or fiberglass roofs)

RV roofs are generally flat. The installation by bonding to the roof of the vehicle with brackets is relatively easy in this case. Stable design and an extremely high life expectancy due to the glass surface. This results in a build-up height, but this is negligible in most vehicles since existing roof vents extend higher. When Solar modules become hot, and temperature rises it will reduce their efficiency. Mounted on brackets let the air flow underneath for cooling.

Black Line: our best-selling solar modules. By using high-performance monocrystalline cells
(72 instead of 36), high daily yield can be achieved even in difficult weather conditions.


  • Good yield, even in nonoptimal weather conditions and shade
  • Best value for the money
  • Also available in an unusual (33 cm width) design.

Power Line: have the highest surface power. The high-end monocrystalline cells (40 instead of 36), in conjunction with a special charging controller, achieves performance no other module does.


  • Very high daily output power relative to the dimensions
  • Ideal for vehicles with limited space


CDS power Line: the trendy modules for partial shade. You achieve the highest daily performance of all solar modules when the area is partially shaded.


  • The absolute favorite with partial shade. If the module area is in shade over a long day period (SAT system roof case), the CDS module is the absolute best choice.


Solar modules direct mount (for camper vans)

While solar modules with aluminum frames are placed on support spoilers, in order to guarantee optimal ventilation, these solar modules can be adhered directly onto the roof of the vehicle. The modules are fully walkable on a flat surface. It is also possible to apply the modules to slightly curved roof surfaces (bend radius 3 cm in the longitudinal direction).


Flat Light & Flat Light Q: solar modules for adhering directly to the roof. This decision is made if a drive-in height must be maintained, and the modules must be extremely lightweight or walkable.


  • Extremely flat (2 cm) and very lightweight (3 kg)
  • Due to the fixed attachment, it’s also protected against theft
  • Flat Light Q  is ideal for pop-up or high roof camper vans, for the panel van and camper bus
  • Flat Light Q has 42 high-performance cells


  • Must remain on the roof when your vehicle is sold


See our Solar Panels and Kits HERE and make your choice

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