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What’s the cooling performance in warmer ambient temperatures?

In hotter climates during summer period, we would expect the temperature to be around the 32C boundary.

Once the ambient temperature creeps above this range then the internal fridge temperature will inevitably suffer. The technology behind the absorption refrigerators is such that it needs a heat source to pump the refrigerant around the cooling unit. This allows us to use multiple energy sources 12V/240V/GAS to power the fridge. The downside to this is that not only is the fridge generating heat from the energy source, but also it is trying to dissipate heat produced from the cooling cycle in order to reduce the internal fridge temperature.

To keep your fridge working as effectively as possible in hot climates;

  1. Try to park the vehicle in a location where it will get the most shade during the day.
    This will keep the sun off the fridge vents and may help to reduce the ambient temperature of this area.

  2. Remove the fridge vent grills.
    By unclipping the vent grills, you would be increasing the ventilation to the fridge which will help with the heat dissipation.

  3. If you are travelling to hot climates regularly then a ventilator kit can be installed to the rear of the fridge.
    This is a fan which helps to increase the air flow to the fridge and will improve the heat dissipation. Some details on this kit can be found in the accessories section.

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